On November 3rd, Americans lost their voting rights and sovereignty at the hands of the corrupt Democrat party, the liberal media, and their willing accomplices at federal and the state levels of government.

They do not give a hoot about equal justice for anyone but themselves. Even dead people are not safe from the manipulation and thug tactics they employ.

The Democrats behaved like Antifa when they took over the poll counting and ballot acceptances. Their “by and means necessary” philosophy will hopefully come back to bite them.

I marvel at the loonies on the left after their plan to steal the election started falling to pieces on day one. None of them have the moral conscience to acknowledge that they got caught rigging an election and now with their pants down to their ankles.

Considering It is only a matter of time before the gavel hits the sounding block amidst hard evidence and thousands of witnesses that will eventually force them to rectify their illegal actions.

Who in their right mind would defy the orders of a Supreme Court justice? The answer is none of them are in their right minds because they are the enemies of our country!

You would think Joe the “Uniter” and Mrs. Giggles Kamala would fake just a little concern for any news of cheating from their side during their own election.

They are so far gone down their own fraudulent lives they do not have a conscience anymore if they ever had one. The Banana Republic duo is going along with the corruption because they are in on it too.

I remember when President Trump was asked if he would accept the results of the election and leave peacefully. This looks like a setup they have been planning since 2016.

Did we not see Joe talk about how he appreciates the people who helped him put together the greatest voter fraud campaign in the history of U.S elections? Nobody in the Media cares because they are the Democrat party mouthpiece!

Nothing about election fraud is anything new but the scale of the 2020 election irregularities are so alarming. It is mathematically impossible for Biden to get as many votes as he did at the right places when he needed them.

He was able to overcome fantastic odds in all the states he lost at the end of election day not election week. Willing states and cities seemed like they
worked in perfect coordination to “make” votes appear when they were needed. They are enemies of our country!

As a Veteran, I am disgusted to see the things I value and pledged an oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic be desecrated by Democrats who I believe do not hold those values themselves.

The stories of American military absentee ballots being thrown away or not counted breaks my heart. Those men and women put their lives on the line to keep this country free. Our troops sacrificed their own wills to serve home and abroad so America can remain a sovereign nation.

The only way to stop election fraud from happening again is by demonstrating the harshest prosecutions prescribed by law for anyone connected to the 2020 election fraud.

This applies from the bottom poll worker to the political machines of the States and National leader connections. If the law is applied equally to all citizens then to save our republic we must go after the mayors, governors, senators, congressman and even the Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who may have knowingly participated in election fraud.

Enemies of our country are still enemies no matter how high they sit, and their actions should never be tolerated. If they get away with it this time, then they will
never stop for any future elections. The cancer must be cut out before the whole body is at risk.

God Bless America!


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