ID-matching deadline for Pennsylvania mail-in votes has been pushed back by a Pennsylvania state judge.

The extended period of November 9th to 12th for the slippery “curing”, or questionable confirmation of ballots was overturned by the judge ruling in favor of the Trump campaign.

Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt said in a court order that…

“[T]he Court concludes that Respondent Kathy Boockvar, in her official capacity as Secretary of the Commonwealth, lacked statutory authority to issue the November 1, 2020, guidance to Respondents County Boards of Elections insofar as that guidance purported to change the deadline … for certain electors to verify proof of identification,” 

America’s sixth-most populous state had some blue-voter teeing-up when Democratic Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar added the bonus days. She did so less than 48 hours before election day November 3rd.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s autumn electoral rulings showed a stubborn tendency to favor Biden. This Democratic-run court can still overturn the small Trump victory.

Oral arguments for the Giuliani-led challenge of a half-million-plus ballots are scheduled in a district court for November 17th.


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