Sidney Powell and the Trump legal team held a press conference on Thursday dropping blockbuster allegations.  Most of them were related to Dominion voting systems. The direct claims center around a few main points.

In consideration of the claims, it’s important to keep in mind the denials. News media, corporate interests, and political forces are, in many cases, outright lying. Others are offering extremely wobbly fact-checks or simply ignoring the claims.

Powell, herself, has not released substantive or clear cut evidence in the form of documentation or material media such as recordings or photographs, which is a wise legal move since there are pending court cases.

However, some evidence of her claims can be examined online. The reality is an election-based sharp democratic tilt to almost all mass communications can suffocate or drown information quickly. This may be an additional reason for keeping her solid evidence to herself and her confidantes.

Three branches of evidence were put forth. Powell claimed coordination of international communist nations, state, local and federal corruption, and political activist influence

1. Software used in Dominion voting hardware evolved from an earlier, easily-manipulated version.

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– These earlier versions were used in allegedly rigged elections in Venezuela that kept (now deceased) dictator Hugo Chavez in power.

– Powell claims to be in contact with a person who witnessed Chavez being shown these manipulations.

– The reading of ballots, the certifying of ballots and the tabulation of ballots can be altered.

– This can be done before, during or after the ballot reading

Some of the most troubling information to surface regards Smartmatic, a company that developed a software family that was used in Dominion machines.

These machines were used in certain US states for the presidential and other elections this year. Powell made a number of claims regarding Smartmatic ties to Venezuelan government groups.

Much of this evidence has been scrubbed or given digital deadends from top search engine results. Some other evidence has not.

Screenshots and at least one major newspaper article show evidence. CANTV is the government-owned internet/phone service in Venezuela.

Two Venezuelan businessmen formed Smartmatic in Florida in the early 2000s. Early on in Smartmatic, CANTV was involved. Some unverified reports claim Smartmatic was once half-owned by CANTV.

According to an unbacked Wikipedia claim, Smartmatic formed out of a business agreement that CANTV owned almost half of. Redirected search engine hits show the two were in a business partnership.

CANTV being a government-owned group controlled by a dictatorial socialist government. A government that Powell claims her witness saw rig the elections.

Her allegations were also that the hacking of these devices was incredibly easy. There were many variables, “backdoors” and easy ways to pick apart, rearrange and even outright delete information.

Screenshots have surfaced on conservative media of what claim to be Dominion voter device manuals that have instructions on how to do this. A “kid with a cell phone”  could hack it, Powell said.

2. Powell alleges direct influence in the counting and tabulating on election night.

– The suspicious shut-downs of counting on election night were a result of a busted computer code that needed to be reconfigured to favor Biden.

– She claims it happened after a blockbuster number of Trump votes.

-The sending home of certain poll workers and the election night secrecy in places, where Biden surged at hard-to-believe numbers soon after, has been widely verified.

The shut-downs and sudden burst for Biden was for the “backfill” of ballots. She thus maintained her statement that Trump won by a landslide.

3. A Dominion executive reportedly made statements that he had ensured Trump would lose

– Eric Coomer holds co-patents on roughly a dozen voting technology items.

– He was also a high-ranking executive of engineering at Dominion.

– Coomer is reportedly on a hacked recording telling Antifa associates that Trump will not win the election. He allegedly indicated he had made sure of that.

– He holds a PhD in Physics and has a degree from UC Berkeley. The college is widely viewed as possibly the most leftist major college in America.

Dominion’s head-quarters are in Denver. The hacked recording was of Antifa members in the Denver and Colorado Springs area.

The individual on the recording is referred to as “Eric.” This was reported on by a business figure in Colorado named Joe Oltmann.

Soon thereafter, Oltmann’s Twitter account was suspended. This, in addition to a flurry of scrubbing of Eric Coomer’s social media and Dominion-related pages. The pages supposedly showed his enthusiasm for violent leftist political causes.

What Else?

Various tie-ins with shady internationalists were mentioned. Powell alleged frequent hop-scotching of Dominion and related companies into a chain of shell corporations.

Late morning on Friday, Powell announced her and her team will be suing state election officials. They will attempt to put the election decision before state law-makers.

Through a direct, and perhaps necessary, confrontation she hopes to get fair treatment from the Electoral College.

Powell has stated her willingness to see state governments choosing Electoral College members directly to issue the electoral votes to do so.

Dominion and Smartmatic have made numerous claims to the effect that there was no manipulation, that their relationship with each other was minimal, and that they have no questionable relationships with foreign governments.

Watch as Sidney Powell explains all of this information in detail at the press conference…


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