It is more imperative than ever for us to continue the fight for what we know is morally and legally right. It would be disastrous for us to get complacent now.

If we don’t stand up in this moment, the ramifications will be felt for decades to come. If we allow the Democrats to steal this election, and get away with this type of blatant fraud now, there is no hope that the majority of the public will ever again trust the most fundamental pillar of our great nation.

Furthermore, no Republican will EVER be elected again. It will be the end of our Constitutional Republic and America as we know it. We will surely enter the darkest era of the Orwellian nightmare, where “war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.”

The Democrats demand that we now unquestionably accept the election results, while spending the last four years challenging and not accepting the epilogue of the last 2016 election. Rightfully, President Trump is not standing down, and neither will we!

As we bear witness to the corrupt mainstream media along with the silicon valley tech billionaires proclaim Joe Biden as President-elect, and fact check and censor anyone who even dares question the election results and insurmountable irregularities, we must remember one thing: they do not get to elect the president or declare the winner.

We the People do, and our Constitutional process declares the winner. Presidential elections are over only when every legal vote is counted, accounted for, verified, certified by the Secretaries of State, and the Electoral College meets.

It is also important to keep in mind that Republican State Legislatures have the final say and they should be prepared to execute their constitutional duty.

Remember, Al Gore was declared President by the media in 2000, and that never came to fruition. Joe Biden will be joining the category of media Presidents that never happened after we throw out every illegal vote.

We must demand electoral transparency and integrity, or we will never have confidence in our institutions, and our Constitutional Republic will seize to exist.

President Trump was right that this was the most important election in the history of our nation, and the time to fight for it is now… NOW or NEVER!

While Joe Biden is playing the role of President-elect, an empty vessel and a mascot for the digitalized corporate totalitarians, and the Democrats ironically call for unity, they don’t seem to be bothered by the hate and violence that continues to be perpetrated in their name by BLM and ANTIFA.

Four years ago our President Trump also called for unity, but Democrats responded by boycotting his inauguration, hijacking and weaponizing our own intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to entrap him and spy on his campaign.

For four years they have peddled a Russia hoax story and a fake dossier, trying to impeach our legally elected President. We come to find out that Joe Biden and his son Hunter are in corruption and pay-to-play plots up to their eyeballs, but Democrats tried to blame that on our President Trump over his call with Ukraine.

Encouraging the criminal thugs to loot and burn our cities and businesses that we, hard working Americans built, is not something we can forget or take lightly.

Democrats have blamed the pandemic on our President, and continued politicizing it by selectively using draconian lockdown measures against President Trump’s supporters.

They are threatening hostilities and vengeful doxing of all of us who support our President, creating lists equal to fascist witch-hunts. Well, come and get us, all 73 million of us, we are here… waiting!

Finally, on top of all this unprecedented, morally degrading and incomprehensible destruction that the Democrats have unleased upon the American people and this nation, they have now stolen the election from us and our President Trump.

One thing is certain, if the roles were reversed, they would discharge such unprecedented violence, that America has never seen.

We on the other hand are peaceful, we are patient, we are brave! We are proud to be called conservatives, as it is in our DNA to conserve, to protect and to build, not to destroy.

We have principles, pride and dignity. However, there may come a time when our civility and patience will run out, as those who thrive on threats and violence only recognize violence as a legitimate language.

So pardon us if do not feel the unification vibes. Rather, over 73 million of us will show you the same respect you showed us over the past four years.

President Trump is our president and we will not stand down!