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A Biden Trojan Horse Full of Enemies is Endangering the Future of America

President Donald J. Trump warned us. He said that Biden was a “Trojan Horse.”

Most of us know of the story of how the city of Troy was faced with a greater military force, the Greeks, who were not able to penetrate the walls surrounding Troy.  They took three days to build a huge wooden horse on wheels, which had room to hide a 30 to 40 unit of special forces types.

After building the Trojan Horse, they left it with one man, Sinon, who claimed he was abandoned, and explained that the wooden horse was an offering to their god, Athena, and was a gift to the Trojans.

The Greek army sailed off, and appeared to be gone, but they returned in the dark of night. Meanwhile, the Trojans made a fatal mistake.

Despite warnings, they pulled the Horse into the city. In the midst of the night, the smuggled Greeks snuck out, opened the gates, and the Greek army entered and destroyed Troy.

The analogy [1] is true, when it comes to Biden.

Even though, in reality, he is never going to reside in the White House, he was used by the left to be a candidate who could appear to be in the middle of the road. In fact, Biden is, to some extent a middle of the road guy.

He wants peace with everyone. Unlike men like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, he is an appeaser. His style is to capitulate. Give Iran what they want. Give China what it wants.

Give to make friends. Buy friendships. He is a criminal who has gotten rich by selling his influence. So, he is happy to make room at the trough from which he feeds.

Biden, so far, has shown a surprising resistance to the extreme left wing of his party. AOC is not happy, which means that we should be a little happy, in that Biden appears to be moving forward to steal more money, but he is not buying into some of the demands of the Left.

Don’t get me wrong. He does and will capitulate to them, but he really is not one of them. He is just a thief looking for ways to profit. It is not as though Biden stands for anything.

When China or Soros decided that Kamala Harris was to be his running mate, Biden obliged. She is the hidden aspect of the gift of Biden. Yes, we all knew that Biden might die or suffer from a more advanced stage of dementia, and we knew that Kamala Harris, the most liberal senator, had a good shot of becoming President.

Unfortunately, the Left is now using us to make its dream come true. We all knew that Biden was dirty.

It seems that now is the time for Harris and the Left use that dirty past to start to move in on Biden, so that they can take over, and appear to be innocent of the revolution which is to come within their own party. These people are playing the game beautifully.

In all likelihood, a special counsel will be appointed. Unlike Mueller, though, this Special Counsel has plenty to find plenty of real crimes. The Republicans are about to play into Soros’ and China’s hands.

It will not take three years, it will take six months, tops, to prepare the impeachment, and with unrefuted proof, even Biden’s own bragging admissions, the Republicans will make sure that Biden is not only impeached in the House, but removed by the Senate.

Biden will resign, first. Unfortunately the result will be that the far Left will take control of the White House.

So, when you see that Joe Biden is being brought into focus regarding the Hunter Biden deal and Biden, Inc., understand that we are playing into the hands of the far Left, of Harris.

Moreover, and please get this, when you hear that we lost the election because the Media conspired to hide Biden’s criminality, they are only half right.

Yes, the Media is guilty of secreting the news about Hunter Biden’s laptop. They did hide Biden’s criminality. However, there is only one reason why Donald Trump lost the vote count in the last election.

It was not because he didn’t say the right things to suburban women. It was not because the media hid Biden’s criminal activity. It was not because Facebook, Google, and Twitter skewed the information voters could read or see.

It was not because of the fake news of the Media. It was because of the ballot dumping and computer manipulation. It was because it was stolen.

Please make no mistake about this. When you hear the pundits opine as to why Donald lost the election with any fault of the campaign, understand that you are watching either an idiot or a traitor.

There was only one reason we lost in the swing states, and that was because the election was fixed. As amazing as it was, the vast majority of this country, 49 out of 50 states, knew and understood that the Left was dangerous.

We are tired of watching them burn and loot. We are tired of them wanting to open our borders and give away America.

Donald Trump won a landslide victory, in spite of the Left’s control of the Media, Social Media, Education, the Deep State, and so much more. In spite of all that the clever turncoat pundits now blame for the loss, none of it is true. We did not lose the election!

Moreover, it was never lost because the Media hid Biden’s criminality. It had nothing to do with the reason for the supposed loss. There was one reason, and one reason alone, which was that the fix was in, and we all know it.

Now, either by a new action to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump, himself, or through the electors, or through a rightful comeuppance by our military, one way or another, we need to win the 2020 Election.

Otherwise, President Harris will make sure that we never win another election. We will become a one party state with global and not American goals, as we lose our rights very quickly, going forward.

I don’t want to end on a down note, as there is still life, and there is still hope.

Whether the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court were just doing what they had to do, as Texas simply did not have standing to question the enforcement of laws in a different state, or whether they are being threatened, or otherwise too weak or afraid, we will only know after a case is brought in conformity to established law of standing.

We always knew that it was going to be iffy for the court to accept a claim by one state to enforce the laws of another state. Now, let the Trump lawyers bring the right action, with alacrity, as there is no time to waste. The right case should be brought and it should be won.

President Donald Trump is not giving up. He is never deterred. He is a guy who, through his most formative years, was watching the Lone Ranger, Disneyland’s Davey Crockett, Captain Video, Superman, and society was completely different.

We grew up brave and true, and we remained true through our lives. Donald Trump is the embodiment of the true American hero. Not only will he never let us down, but he has a way of winning, winning, and winning, and it is not from being a quitter or a loser.

The fight goes on, and we are eventually going to prevail. I realize that after the Supreme Court turned Texas down, you may not be as hopeful, but believe me, this fight is far from over.

Remember, the truth is on our side, and that makes all the difference. I have heard that 10% up to 30% of Democrats know what happened, and about 80% of those who voted for Donald, know the truth.

The perpetrators are not going to get away with this, as they have already been caught. You will see the truth will prevail.



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