A new report tracked the ghastly results of Defunding the Police.

The cities referenced are Seattle, Austin, New York, LA and Portland. They have all had skyrocketing violent crime in 2020. Most of it in the last half of year.

And most of that after cutting or planning to cut police funding. Combined, these cities knifed out over $1.3 billion of their police budget.

Some funds were put elsewhere. Some were not.

Portland redirected $7 million from police. New York sliced off S1 billion from the NYPD and scattered some of it in libraries and activist-based programs. In New York alone, the practical effect was 1200 officers off the force. What happened is an acceleration of violent crime in these cities.

There are countless voices in the mainstream media, skyping in from safe suburban homes, saying “technically. . .” to tell us this crime has nothing to do with reduced police forces.

But even the Washington Post published a cautious article in July by two criminologists. They said a rushed amputation of money and officers would be catastrophic. And it looks like they were right.

New York
– 115 shootings in November in the five boroughs versus 51 in November 2019
– 95% shootings increase for January to November in 2020 over same span in 2019

Los Angeles
– Over 300 homicides before the end of November this year, a number not seen in roughly a decade

– Doubling of homicide for October 2020 versus 2019
– Rise in statutory rape

– Shootings more than doubled from 2019 in July and August and tripled in October 2020 over 2019.

– Burglary has passed 2019 numbers.
– 42 homicides for 2020, 13 more than 2019

The poorly-planned lock downs haven’t helped. 

Generally, activists who forward the defund idea want to redirect police money to community and social spending. Common sense tells us, wherever the money goes, the cause and effect of crime is no easy calculation.

Yet overall, the direct goal of providing safety from violent crime does not happen quickly when police funding vanishes.

The result? Many people being killed as Democrat controlled cities run these lethal experiments of Defunding the Police.


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