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Hey Joe Biden! What Happened to Your Plan to Steal the 2020 Election?

For those who have spent some valuable time in the past watching episodes of Forensic Files or other criminal shows, there seems to be a revolving pattern. 

Some idiot decides to murder a wife, husband, or a financial victim such as an insured with a death benefit, and then the idiot goes forward with the plan.  The trigger is pulled, and someone dies.

All of a sudden, the best planned murders are off their tracks.  For one thing, these fools fail to anticipate their own emotional upsurges.  The unexpected reality that the irreversible has been done can be overwhelming. 

The time needed to make a full alibi or coverup never works out as it is supposed to, and alliances with others, accessories for instance, who were trusted quickly turn into reasons for paranoia.

More, the murderer has only one murder under his or her belt.

These people don’t know what would be typical behavior by someone who supposedly had lived in their coverup scenarios.

It is amazing to watch the criminals and how they get caught.  It is usually a subjective inexperienced criminal up against the objective, well funded, and experienced police.

The stories are interesting, as we get to watch as the killers go through with their plans.  Whether it is false searching for missing individuals; crying on TV (usually without tears); establishing alibis, blaming others. They all think that they are actors and actresses who can play the role of a century, and they overestimate their own abilities.

Here, if everything would have gone to plan, Joe Biden could have gotten away with his crime of attempting to steal the election.

 Unfortunately, for Joe Biden, there is the old adage: “Man plans and God laughs!”

Something unanticipated happened.

President Donald J. Trump had a landslide of votes, much more than the minimal planned manipulation by the computers and ballot dumping could handle.

As a result, plans were being changed during the course of the crime, itself.  Suddenly, the theft from Tiffanies for these jewel thieves turned into a theft of our gold bullion from Ft. Knox.  It got too big.  There was no way it could have been confined.  Hence, at this point, Biden is caught, and he doesn’t really know it, yet.

Just as the low-life murderers we see on the TV shows, he is playing out his hand.  He is assuming the role of the rightfully elected “Presidential Elect.”  He is making speeches about Thanksgiving and world peace. 

He is appointing his cabinet.  He is completing the plan.  Fortunately for us, though, we all know what happened. The attempted murder of our electoral system was in broad daylight in front of cameras.

Instead of having the computers add more votes to Biden than it added to Trump, there were so many votes for the President that the computer algorisms failed and numbers started to be subtracted from Trump. 

This was objective and obvious proof that something was amiss.  Also, the number of votes started to show up in fractions, which is impossible unless there was vote manipulation. 

It became important to stop the counts and to keep the observers away.  There are even photographs of ballot dumps.  We are going to see a mountain of evidence over the next weeks, and the criminals are all going to be placed behind bars.

The fact of the matter is that the courts and the state legislatures are going to be in a great position to fix this mess. The problem is that it is more of a mess than a simple murder.

This was an insurrection where organized forces took action to take over our government.  In this regard, do not be surprised to see the military come into play.

One way or another, Joe, you screwed up.  Your criminal plan was not geared for Donald Trump to win by a landslide, and now, you and your accomplices are going to pay the price. 

In the meanwhile, by all means, enjoy playing the part of the next president of the United States. Just don’t count on it actually happening.

This is the end of the beginning of the cleaning up of our government by Donald J. Trump.  By the time we finish his next term, America will be Great Again.


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