The sun shone down beautifully on President Trump at Joint Base Andrews on January 20, 2021.

I stood among the invited guests of some of President Trump’s most adamant supporters that morning with a sense of peace waiting for our President’s arrival to see his final public appearance while in office. It was not one of President Trump’s famous rallies, but it certainly was a celebration.

The Trump family stood strong and proud while President Trump gave his final official speech. As he exited on Air Force One while “Tiny Dancer” played melancholy in the background, my heart ached for my President and everything he sacrificed to serve the country.

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The month of January was akin to the Ides of March, where political elites betrayed the leader of the people by attempting to destroy him and his legacy. I stood in the Ellipse on January 6th and I can tell you for a fact that nothing in President Trump’s speech incited me or anyone around me to commit insurrection.

In fact, subsequent investigations have provided evidence that the Capitol breach began before President Trump finished speaking. The Democrat Party thrives off of theatrics and fiction rather than fact and reality.

On the morning of January 20, 2021, before I arrived on the Base, my jaw dropped as I watched a CNN package reduce President Trump’s four years of incredible service to the United States to a few hours on January 6th which the President never caused. The headline was “Trump’s Chaotic Presidency Comes to an End.”

I am an unapologetic, God-worshipping, America-First, constitutionalist. But, I will not be labeled a Domestic terrorist for supporting President Trump. And, I will not be silenced.

Though the Leftists manipulated fact to detract from President Trump’s successes, the United States is without doubt better off than it was four years ago, all thanks to President Trump’s administration. Everything the radical liberals had predicted about President Trump over the last four years was wrong.

They said he would start a nuclear war…wrong. He is the only President in modern history to not start any conflict.

They said he could not achieve Middle East peace…wrong. Six treaties between Israel and Muslim countries during his presidency went unrecognized.

They said he would need a “magic wand” to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country…wrong. He not only created hundreds of thousands of jobs, but renegotiated NAFTA, reduced regulations and made our tax structure globally competitive.

President Trump kept America safe from terrorist threats; reduced human/drug trafficking across the southern border; and brought back respect for our military. His extraordinary ability to manage and problem-solve saved countless lives during this China pandemic.

They said he would become a tyrannical dictator…wrong. He achieved prison reform, and acted with compassion and sensitivity beyond any former President in the last one hundred years.

They said he would never leave the White House…wrong.

Ever since Biden’s Inauguration I have received countless messages asking me “What now?” Though the political elites successfully conducted a coup they forgot that patriot support for President Trump was not just for the man, it was support for what he stood for.

The Democrats may have usurped the Executive Branch forcing President Trump to leave, but the movement that he started is still present and stronger than ever. While the political elites are more emboldened, so are patriots.

Patriots are rallying together, young people are getting involved, and Americans are becoming more aware and educated of the political games that take place in Washington, DC.

In fact, patriots don’t have a choice, because if we don’t come together and stand up for our fundamental rights we will plunge further into Socialist Dystopia where down is up, up is down, fact is fiction, fiction is fact, and hypocrisy is the national language.

While at Joint Base Andrews, I snapped a picture of President Trump and quickly posted it on Facebook with the caption “The sun shines down on you Mr. President.”

Trump Speech - Conservative Business Journal

Facebook immediately placed account restrictions on my personal Facebook page. Yes, folks, you read it right. I did not say or post anything violent or controversial. I did not breach any terms of usage.

These social media giants have abused us by banning the NY Post from reporting accurate news about Hunter Biden’s laptop, taking down the sitting President’s social media accounts and removing access to an entire social media platform (Parler). But, when the big tech oligopolies immediately punish individual citizens, such as me, they have gone way too far.

I will not turn a blind eye to the hypocrisy of the left by protecting the speech of Black Lives Matter rioters, and suppressing Make America Great Again protesters. Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter are now the world’s greatest human rights violators of freedom of expression joining the ranks of Iran, China and Russia.

Suppression of conservative voices is very, very real and will continue through the Ides of January.

Now, the elites are poised to waste tremendous amounts of tax payer dollars on another sham, vindictive impeachment trial. There is no greater exhibition of abuse of the Constitution than the second impeachment of President Trump. And none other than many prominent RINOs are complicit in the scheme. Et Tu, Brutus?

Patriots have been betrayed by dishonest politicians that rode on the coattails of President Trump to win re-election only to turn around and stop defending the interests of patriots when it was inconvenient.

Patriots are linking arms, now, wise to the schemes of self-serving DC Swamp Creatures. Though the Democrats and Elites have total control of Washington DC, they do not have control of our minds, hearts and spirits.

As always, we are One Nation Under God, and everything we do is in God’s name and service. We still support President Trump, we are at least 75 million strong. We are brave, we are here, and we are not going anywhere.

We will not forget the Ides of January.


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