The first day of his presidency, Joe Biden made many mistakes, but ending leases for drilling rights on federal property and terminating the Keystone XL pipeline are two of the biggest.

There are obvious and immediate damages that occur with these two executive orders, but there are also very big issues that will dramatically affect the lives of thousands of Americans such as the loss of an estimated 52,000 jobs.

Yes, Biden just put 52,000 Americans at the government unemployment trough with the stroke of a pen. These were good paying, blue collar workers that got up every day and put on work boots, got in their vehicles and worked to feed their families, pay their mortgages and live the American dream.

Yet in one minute these Americans were reduced from taxpaying, hard working, productive people to the lines of the unemployed.

While not Americans will suffer the loss of a job due to Biden’s actions, the majority of us will lose money at the pumps due to the economic cost of increased fuel costs.

The market, any free market, takes projections of supply and demand into account when pricing their commodity, good or service. The removal of future supply means that prices will increase.

How much? Well, I have heard a range of .50 cents to $1.00 dollar per gallon. What does that do? The obvious answer is that it acts like a tax on the working class.

Let’s say that a person fills up their tank once a week for $28, which is $2 per gallon at 14 gallons in an average car. That’s an annual cost of $1,456 per year in fuel costs.

Now, let’s say that fuel costs increase by $1.00 per gallon to $3.00 per gallon, the same 14 gallon tank in the car costs $42.00 per week to fill and at 52 weeks the annual fuel cost is now $2,184.

This is an increase of $728 dollars per year for one car. That is $728 that a family can not use to pay for medicine, insurance, food, vacations, or save toward retirement or college.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there.

Every good that we buy gets more expensive. An average item of food travels 1,800 miles to get from its source to your table. What about that television, the computer, your Amazon purchases, the items at Wal-Mart? They are all transported here using fuel.

Yes, Joe Biden with just these two executive orders removed more than $1,000.00 and probably closer to $2,000.00 from the average American family. Remember that $6,000 dollar gain in real wages that occurred under President Trump? A full one third of those gains were wiped away in the first 30 minutes of Joe Biden in office.

But wait, there’s more…

Right now, we’re facing China, the greatest threat we’ve ever faced to our Republic. The single most dangerous nation state to have existed since Nazi Germany to the western world.

So you ask, how does this involve China? Follow me for a brief minute.

We have Russia in Europe. We have China all over the planet with their Road and Belt initiative but based in Asia. Then, we have the Middle East with Iran. I did not include North Korea as they are just a puppet for China.

Biden removed access to resources from us, this makes us far less energy independent and makes us rely back on middle eastern oil. This puts chess pieces back on the table for China, Iran and Russia.

Why was President Trump able to negotiate peace treaties in the Middle East? Simple, we no longer needed the resources there and could be above the situation.

Under a President Trump and with an energy independent nation, if Iran acted stupid, then we could look to the nations in the middle east to solve their own issues. Under Biden we are now back to relying on middle eastern oil and thus we will need to immediately respond to threats to resources we need, in this case oil.

Joe Biden not only hurt American families, but he also weakened America on the world stage. He caused the middle east to become, yet again, a focal point of our foreign policy. Biden gave China a piece of the puzzle back to manipulate us through the middle east. He has placed us in a position to need our military to reengage into the middle east.

These are the actions of a globalist progressive that does not care about this Republic nor the freedoms that we need as a nation state or enjoy as her citizens. Biden is either ignorant of the consequences of his actions or he is deliberately weakening us, the choice is binary.


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