2020: Six months of widespread violence in small and large cities nationwide that destroyed thousands of American businesses, injured thousands of law enforcement officers, and killed Americans including retired police captain, David Dorn.

2021: Less than six hours of peaceful protests in Washington, DC that were overshadowed by a rogue group that broke into the Capitol building and caused chaos. Five people died, two of which were a result of health related issues.

Countless powerful leftists excused and sometimes encouraged violent riots over the past six months by BLM and Antifa. Media, powerful democrats and their allies have given different treatment of the “riot” at the Capitol.

To recap, on Jan 6th, a group of what looked like fringe-right protest hijackers burst through police barriers and entered the Capitol building. There was, unfortunately, some violence. Five people died including an officer. There were a few dozen arrests. Less than a few hours later, the building was fully secured.

The day after the Capitol break-in, Joe Biden made a statement. Literally, before the dust settled, Joe Biden declared those that entered the Capitol building and the hundreds of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters a “riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists.” 

Asked to denounce Antifa in September, Joe Biden called them “an idea.” This was on stage, on the record, during a live debate.

The reel of flip-flop commentary by many leftists, especially the media, is nothing new. But outright violence is usually not complicated.

On Jul 4, 2020, unrest in Oakland led to a courthouse being set on fire. People shot fireworks at police officers. That same day, 100 people gathered outside an LA county jail and smashed the front door. The AP news story talked only of “protest” and protestors.

Here are a few AP headlines, all from the last few days:

“DeSantis cites Capital mob as reason to push anti-riot bill”

“Conservative media decry Capitol riot, but grievances remain”

“US Capitol Police says officer injured responding to riots dies” 

CNN, within a day and before arrests had been fully processed, called it an “insurrection.”

Remember Omar Jimenez, the CNN journalist was filmed in Kenosha, Wisconsin soon after the Jacob Blake unrest with a street fire is burning in the background. The scorched frame of two cars could be seen at night. The CNN caption read “Fiery but Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting.” 

The media are not always shy about extreme violence either. In 2020, a man shot and killed a Trump supporter in Portland, Oregon. VICE media, a leftist billion dollar company, conducted an interview in the woods with the killer, Michael Reinoehl. 

At the time of the interview, he was wanted for murder. Claiming defense of his friend, he confessed, there on camera, to the killing. VICE did not make an effort to turn him in.

Now, leftist media, like Vox, have a different idea. Some are deeply interested in leading the charge to find and bring to justice those who broke into the Capitol.

The President has been clear. Politicians and media personalities have put words in his mouth for years. But here is something he actually said.

Hours before the Capitol incident, President Trump addressed his supporters, gathered in protest.

“You have to go home now” he said plainly. “We have to have peace. We have to have law and order. We have to respect our great people in law and order.” 

Hopefully, that will be remembered in six months.


Watch John Di Lemme’s excerpt from the CBJ Show – The Biden Scam Series (part 65) that shows security guards escorting Trump supporters into the Capitol and onto the Capitol grounds…