In a clumsy, last-ditch effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency, over 100 congress members and almost all Democrats, are supporting an impeachment. Their purely symbolic effort stems from the break-in at the Capitol on January 6th.

A tsunami of almost pre-loaded outrage over the Capitol incident has led Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island to say they want Trump to resign. If he refuses, they are asking Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The call for removal of office is a massive smoke storm generated mainly by Democrats over a speech that the President gave to his supporters by at the March for Trump event. Pelosi and her supporters claim is that this led to the Capitol incident. An incident that is still being investigated.

The liberal left group is also citing the President’s continued insistence of his election victory due to the overwhelming election fraud that favored Joe Biden. Fraud that, given the light of day, could have turned the election. 

The orderly transition promised by the President may therefore be in jeopardy by way of Democrats. Joe Biden had reportedly been consulted by Congress members Pelosi and Schumer and he apparently agreed to the move. Other Democratic politicians in the Senate and Congress have proposed or filed their own impeachment efforts, including the radical leftist, Ilhan Omar.

In practicality, enacting the impeachment could not happen until roughly Jan 20, inauguration day.

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The 25th amendment is a long process spread out over four sections in Article 25 of the Constitution. It involves numerous complicated political procedures. 

The key phrase in the amendment is if the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office”, he can be removed. That is, by legally-enacted force if he does not resign.

Some other politicians and speakers of both parties have urged caution. Unless the amendment procedures are modified, the move is functionally meaningless. Apart from that it looks like undiluted spite.

Further, this amendment could be used against Joe Biden. 78-years old and clearly ailing in mental and physical strength, as was widely evident during his campaign, he may become a target for claims he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” in coming years.

Despite the call for unity from Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, taking a final swipe against President Trump will throw America into complete turmoil.


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