The liberal left fake news media including Fox News keeps telling the American people that Trump supporters breached the Capitol building on January 6th. 

Not only is there video footage showing Trump supporters stopping someone from breaking windows of the Capitol building to gain entry, but there’s also plenty of footage showing Trump supporters being escorted into the Capitol and onto Capitol grounds by security officers and police.

While there has been coverage of Trump supporters arrested for being inside of the Capitol building, there has been no details released about the arrest of those that actually busted out the windows or broke down doors to enter the building.

Who are those individuals and why are authorities more focused on someone that sat in Nancy Pelosi’s chair or took a selfie than perpetrators that violently forced their way into a government building?

Here’s an excerpt from my CBJ Real News Show – The Biden Scam Series (part 65) that shows exactly how the majority of Trump supporters entered the Capitol building…

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