Well, the first week of Joe Biden’s questionable presidency was a complete disaster for not only the Democrats, but also the American people.

For instance, the travel ban that applied to Muslim majority nations sought only proper identification, and now that’s gone. Why? There are many awful decisions being made which most Patriots find frightful. By the word: “Patriots,” I mean people who love this country and the America First agenda.

Another example is the three trillion dollar bill that passed in the House. It included bailouts for foreign countries, including twenty billion for Iran and seventeen billion for Syria.

But Biden didn’t stop there…

Minimum wage increase, the transgender issues, troops into Syria, worldwide abortion, and so much more. Suddenly, the jet on which we are flying went into a negative thrust, and we are starting to fly backwards. This has the makings of a true living nightmare.

There are getting to be more and more awful examples of appalling governance, and it does not look good for us, we the people of the United States. It is almost as though Biden is trying to show everyone that Donald Trump was right.

President Trump warned all of us about this. However, I don’t think that even he saw the vehemence and hatred of this new administration, the media, or big tech. These people do want unity, except that, to them, unity requires that we learn our lessons and never dissent. Welcome to life under the CCP Regime.

The comparison between President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden is incredible. As awful as the press and the left were to Trump, the worst that he did to them was to point to the press and declare that they were “fake.”

Never were their voices silenced. Never did they vanish. Never was President Trump mean and hateful. All he ever showed was patience and love for his fellow Americans and for people around the world. Yes, he did hit terrorists and ISIS, and those who threatened us, but to those who were not monsters, he was accepting.

In comparison, the Biden administration and his minions, in combination with the media and big tech are vengeful and frightening. Each day, we see callous decisions that cut jobs while we see the Central American caravans starting to gather and march, just as President Trump warned us.

I’m not looking to castigate those who voted for Biden. We must forgive them for they know not what they were doing.

It certainly was not “we the people” who put Biden in office. It was Dominion, the incredible ballot dumps, and the other overwhelming acts of fraud. It was the criminals who are now unwinding whatever Trump accomplished, no matter what its cost will be to America.

If China is pulling the strings, on its puppet government, which is occupying the White House, it makes sense to bring them all in with no borders.

The rationale is that we, in the United States are responsible for 25% of the fossil fuel emissions that caused the 2014 drought in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, so we are required to give land and a new life to the farmers down there, who are moving here.

From a global point of view, it makes sense, as all people are people. However, to us, we know that it will destroy the country as we know it. To them, it does not matter if we ruin the United States. China would love to see us suffer.

The plain and simple point that I want to make is that Donald J. Trump remains the good man he is. The defeat by the vote counters did not destroy him or his resolve. His backbone is strong and in place. His resolve is not one which falters.

I know this man, and at the risk of being silenced, or perhaps arrested (as was Dr. Simone Gold), I am proud to proclaim my undying belief that Donald Trump always says what he means and means what he says.

He never deserted us. He never surrendered. You have never seen him stand and wimp-out telling us that we should all get behind Biden. He would never do that unless and until we are all defeated.

I don’t know what he has up his sleeve, but I, as do tens of millions of other Americans, continue to believe in this man, my friend, our friend, Donald Trump. When we sat in his rallies and screamed our love for him, it came from our hearts, and it will not dissipate. Look at all he sacrificed for us.

Some of the crowds of the liberal left want to crucify our leader. First, they want to try him with no witnesses in the Senate. Then, only God knows what they would do next.

We know, just as we did with Roger Stone, there is no way there could ever be a fair trial in Washington, D.C., where “Black Lives Matter” was painted on the street in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, just as it was by crowds in New York in front of Trump Tower.

We are all looking for a miracle or a plan. Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating for any violence against anyone. That is never going to be the way. Nonviolence is what President Trump wants. In fact, it is exactly what he wants.

Everyday, when we see more and more executive orders and proposed legislation all to do exactly what we feared, we pray harder and await any word from President Trump. In this regard, we have been given two words in answer to whether he was going to act, which we should hold dear: “Not yet.”

Let’s all wait for the impeachment nonsense to be done, and then, let’s see.

In the meanwhile, we each have a duty to pursue our own lives and make them better. We need to get to work and make some money to make our economy sing. While going forward, just keep Donald J. Trump in the back of your minds.

When the time is right for him to lead our way, again, we will all know.


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