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Who Killed Ashli Babbitt and Why was this Unarmed American Shot?

Many Americans like myself are wondering…

Why was an unarmed American citizen named Ashli Babbitt shot in the Capitol building and who killed her?

There were others inside of the Capitol building that were fighting with the police and showing obvious signs of violent behavior; however, Ashli Babbitt [1] was not one of these people so why was she killed?

While I do support law and order and believe that criminals should face punishment for violating the law, I do not support gunning down non-violent, unarmed American citizens.

Ashli won’t have memorials built in her name or protests about her death. Celebrities won’t rush to her defense or hold a fist in the air to demand justice for her death. This 14 year military veteran will be remembered by the very people that she fought to protect as part of a violent mob instead of a Patriot that made a very bad decision.

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