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What the Great Rush Limbaugh Taught Us about Democrats, Communism, and More

Rush Limbaugh wasn’t just the Big Voice on the Right. He had an unbelievable ability to see where our country and our culture were heading.

And, he knew and understood the Left so well that it scared them. The Left tried to silence Rush any way they could, including through the Fairness Doctrine. Though, Rush prevailed.

Rush did everything he could to educate people about who the Left is in this country, and he illustrated what they want to do to our country. He reminded us that they are Marxist Communists.

In response to a tweet from John Brennan about the necessity of Trump voters to apologize, on January 11th, 2021, Rush said this about Brennan,…

“He is a member of the Communist Party in case you have forgotten. John Brennan voted for communists in the early days of his career so this tweet is in his native tongue so to speak.”

After reading Brennan’s tweet, he asked his audience if they had noticed that a bunch of corporate people were expressing regret for having voted for Trump? He said,

“This is exactly what happens in Communist countries. Everybody that did business with the disgraced individual, in this case Trump, anybody who voted for him, anybody who supported him, anybody who helped him, anybody who promoted him, anybody who did anything positive must denounce him, must do it publicly.

Must apologize, publicly apologize forever having voted for the guy, for having been fooled. If you don’t, you could be ruined. And so these people in corporate America who did support Trump, and there are a lot of them, they need the Democrats to leave them alone. And, the only chance they have is by begging forgiveness.”

Rush warned us by saying,

“This is how it works. This is totalitarian one-party rule. This is how it works in Communist China. It’s how it worked in the old Soviet Union. This is what the Democrat party is becoming or has become for a long time in our country.”

You can watch the clip here…

On another recent show, Rush said his parents had taught him about the evils of Communism when he was young. He wondered where are all of the parents who are teaching their children about Communism today? He encouraged parents to actively engage their children in conversations about Communism and Capitalism.

The loss of Rush Limbaugh is devastating to the Right especially those of us who support Trump. We found hope and encouragement in Rush’s soothing voice of reason and logic.

Without Rush, we must remember what he taught us: we are obligated to teach our children the evils of Communism, and to pull back the curtain on the Democrats, if our country is to survive.

We know who the Left is thanks to Rush. We need to let others know who they are, starting with our own children.

Rush, you are a true hero to Conservatives. While you may be gone from this Earth, you will never be forgotten. 



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