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Who’s in Control of Our Nation…Joe Biden or the United States Military?

I know that people think that I may be crazy because I believe that Donald Trump invoked the Insurrection Act and that the United States Military is in control.

Each passing day with Biden sitting in Donald’s seat, every day with Executive Orders which the media and everyone else believing that Biden is our president, with each cabinet appointment, with each speech, it sure looks like Trump is gone.

On top of that, Donald Trump opened an office for the “Former President.” The reality we see, everywhere we cast our eyes, tells us irrefutably that it is all over and that the criminals are now in power.

Before the inauguration of Joe Biden, I believed that the military was in control, and lost all hope when that inauguration took place. For a few days, I was morose, to put it mildly. Now, days after Biden’s inauguration, I have come full circle. For the same reasons I believed that the U.S. Military was in charge, I continue to believe it now.

For all of us who have done any research on the internet, we know that the Dominion machines were fixed and that the criminals dumped hundreds of thousands of ballots if not millions of them to alter the results of the election.

Here are some other things which we can consider to be facts…

We know for a fact that Donald Trump signed an order on September 12, 2018 which declared a national emergency for one year. This was a document which I have more than read. I studied it. It is called “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.”

I know that in 2019 and 2020, the Order was extended for another year. So, it is in effect, now. I can tell you for a fact that the Director of National Intelligence, John Radcliffe, was given 45 days from November 3, 2020 to report to the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

I know that John Radcliffe was delayed due to a couple of the nine or so agencies from which he needed information, probably due to deep state operatives. However, he did ultimately file his report which did find that China, Iran, and Russia did interfere with our presidential election.

That report was to be turned over to the President by the Attorney General and by the Secretary of Homeland Security within the next 45 days. These facts were reported by reliable news agencies and the September 12, 2018 Order is available on line.

We know that Attorney General William Barr showed his true anti-Trump beliefs and was booted out, to be replaced by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. I do not know if he did his duty and reported to the President, or not.

However, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, did release a Strategic Action Plan to Confront Threats from China. One way or another, there can be no question that John Radcliffe’s report found its way to President Trump.

Donald Trump was on to the big election scam more than two years before it occurred. He made sure that he had the right people in place, and the mechanisms were all in place, in the event that all other systems, such as the courts and the individual states’ legislatures should fail.

This is why I believe that the U.S. Military remains in control of our government. If I am right, it makes no difference what Executive Orders were entered after Biden’s inauguration by our illicit president. All actions of the current apparent regime will be void.

The problem is that we have some facts, but we don’t have all the facts. The way that I see it, the only things which could have gone wrong would be that the military wimped out, just like the judges and the state legislatures. Otherwise, this nation is going to see some major action in the days or weeks ahead.

With Americans who see the truth becoming more and more dissuaded every day, any such action must occur very soon or not at all. If I am wrong, and Joe Biden is our president, then we have become a territory of China in a new world order. In that case, God bless us.

In the meanwhile, keep your hope. It won’t hurt you.

I took some solace in the fact that another accomplished lawyer, Lin Wood, believes exactly what I believe. Then, wouldn’t you know, the Georgia Bar Association required that he get a mental health evaluation. So, I am sure that there are some who believe that I belong in the same loony bin as Lin Wood.

Perhaps exercising my freedom of speech will give me the same consequence as Dr. Simone Gold, who was arrested for her belief that there are great therapeutics available which make the vaccine unnecessary and that the vaccines have a problem.

Who knows? All I know is that our freedom is being taken away, and it is not just our freedom of speech. It is worse. It is our freedom of thought.

The point is that I do not know for a fact that the insurrection which took over and is now in power will get away with their crimes or not. No one other than those involved actually know. Knowledge and belief are two different things. My belief is based on the facts stated above, as well as my knowledge of Donald Trump.

I understand that if something is in the works that he would not tell us. However, if we lost and Biden is in to stay (at least until Kamala takes over), why wouldn’t he tell us?

“Sorry, I did all I could, but it is over. President Biden has four years to mess up all that we accomplished.” If it is all over, he would tell us.

There are other indicators, too, such as the fact that the National Guard could have been called to D.C. only by Trump or the generals. The Washington National Guard is the only one which is directly under the command of the President of the United States, not the mayor or Congress . They are under Biden, now, and he is not taking credit for ordering them to remain there, so it leaves only the generals. There are other indicia, too, but no proof.

Let’s hope that I am right.

I, probably like you, am desperate to find out that we are in the military’s hands. For me, though, desperation will not get me to believe in the USA Corporation theory or other unlikely scenarios, natural and supernatural. My background was in science, and I am a trial lawyer.

I know the difference between facts and unsupported assertions. I laid out the facts, which I know. The only point I do not know is whether the generals wimped out, afraid of a death sentence should they fail.

Perhaps, they believe that the Chinese influence, coupled with the media they own, the big tech which is aligned, all the turncoat politicians, and so much more is bigger than they are. This is the place where things could go wrong, as they did in our courts and the states’ legislatures.

Other than this, point, I don’t see any other weak point, and we know of the Emergency which is already declared. Also, it is more likely that judges and legislators would lack guts, but they are what the military call “civilians.”

Those people are not expected to have the courage to stand up to the Far Left, which seems to have taken over our government. On the other hand, the military is the one place where the men and women have guts. It is in their DNA.

So, in conclusion, I do not know what is going to happen. At the same time, I believe that precautions have been taken, and our country is not about to be controlled by China. I believe that reason will rule, and that the United States is far from being lost. I know it does not look possible, but it is.

That is what we have right now, a possibility. Let’s hope and pray that the possibility becomes our reality.


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