In Joe Biden’s world, Blacks and Hispanics lack the frontal cortex to access the internet and enjoy the world of modern technology. This phenomenon is what Professor Joe calls the minority internet gap.

Unfortunately, this is a barrier we all suffer that is holding us back. We cannot access personal ID cards for voting. We cannot find a drug store to get our covid-19 shots.

According to Professor Joe, we cannot afford to get internet and a computer. We do not have the means to get online. Not being able to access the above issues, we are all victims of minority internet discrimination.

Somewhere in the 1980s, minorities were purposefully excluded from the dot com era that started in the Bay area. The effect from the tech timeline led to the greatest discriminatory technology gap that we are still experiencing today.

While Whites were advancing in the dot com wave with Microsoft and Apple products, Blacks and Hispanics were at a severe disadvantage. Soon Schools and workplaces incorporated racist computer terminals and enhanced instructions as preferred methods to instruct their students more efficiently. Minority kids and adults were left behind with little hope of ever catching up.

Joe Biden educated his constituents on the technological ignorance of minorities during a recent CNN town hall stating…

“Not everybody in the community–in the Hispanic and the African American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and/or inner-city districts–know how to use–know-how to get online to determine how to get in line for that COVID vaccination at the Walgreens or the particular store.” 

The reality is Joe Biden still views minorities in the framework of one hundred years ago. If he honestly believes Blacks and Hispanics do not have the know-how to access the internet, then I wonder what he thinks about other things that cross his mind and how he qualifies for any kind of leadership.

Biden’s statement is extremely insulting to us and all the other decent humans alike. He is telling everyone that Blacks and Hispanics are too dumb to function in the modern-day United States of America.

Is Senator Biden or Senator Byrd speaking? You know…the KKK guy. His stereotyped comments smell like ignorant racism to me. He doubles down on his racist statements two days later in Kalamazoo, Michigan when he goes off-script.

Please tell me the NAACP, BLM, and Kamala are upset with Biden’s racial assumption that has no merit to his claims. The silence is deafening to me.

How can minority leaders take this blatant assault on all our people? Who needs to look on the web to find out where the nearest pharmacy in your neighborhood can be found? How disingenuous and assuming Biden is as a person!

Joe Biden deserves to be impeached for his racist statement, because it would have started riots in the streets if Donald Trump said the same thing on television.

Remember the goal of Biden’s speech is to get more Blacks and Hispanics vaccinated because they are inept in finding a way to make it happen on their own. Mr. Biden, we don’t need you to call us irresponsible and incapable idiots.

We can think for ourselves. We are all individuals who have the right to take or not take the covid-19 vaccine without your help.

Never mind that most Blacks and Hispanics have jobs that require computers to perform tasks. Colleges require us to use the internet and laptops to complete assignments as well as everyone else.

We can accept such absurd statements from an uneducated, internet troll but we can not accept it from the supposed leader of the free world.


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