There is no question that the human mind is amazing. Each of us has one, and it’s unlike the minds of all animals, which cannot conceive of and consider concepts.

Yes, your dog may know a few words, such as “sit,” and will know to sit, but it does not conceptualize it in a way to consider sitting on a level we can. The thing which makes our minds perform and consider possibilities and even inventions are words.

Words are our labels for concepts. For all of the items in our environment, we have words. Such as whether it’s a car tire or a lug-nut that holds the tire to car. In fact, the only reason you are now picturing either the tire or lug-nut is because the words brought those concepts to your mind.

The reason that the United States is so productive and inventive is that we are able to have open minds that are unrestricted by norms, laws, or other protocols.

Imagine how Thomas Edison would have invented the lightbulb if social pressure forbid the use of any words meaning “filament” or “bulb.”

There is an old expression: “Out of sight, out of mind.” This might be used by a man or woman who complains about his or her spouse’s failure to give consideration to him or her, if they are not around.

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However, that expression would be more apropos to changes occurring in America if it were reversed: “Out of mind, out of sight.” The danger of the cancel culture is that it creates a limitation of labels for concepts.

For instance, let’s look at chocolate. It was the Spanish conquistadors who brought it to Europe. As the conquistadors were evil, they, just like Christopher Columbus, should be eradicated from history, right?

If the word “chocolate” should disappear from our lexicon, so will the thought of chocolate. We will imagine and salivate over the idea of vanilla ice cream, and the entire concept of chocolate will be gone. If “chocolate” goes, “vanilla” will be shortly behind. Even “ice cream” may have some racial overtones, in that the different flavors are never mixed.

When we look now at certain issues, such as the fraud in our 2020 election, as it is simply denied, as an accepted fact that there was no fraud, in the media, the whole concept is disappearing from our minds.

Unless we have a reason to keep the truth alive, the entire consideration of the thought will become oblivious to us. It is a process which is so gradual that it takes effect without being noticed. We all get busy each day, and our minds are busy considering the concepts which are triggered by words, not those which are not triggered.

As the words and concepts become forbidden or even passé the concepts become forgotten. Have you thought about a buggy whip, lately?

The problem with the cancel culture is that it is far worse than losing our freedom of speech. We are losing our freedom of thought, as we are left with only a piece of our minds.

The words and concepts exorcised are as gone as the frontal lobes from one lobotomized. So, the next time you are enjoying a chocolate treat, remember that the voice police are, in fact, the thought police.

The loss of the voices of others will limit the scope of our minds. Who knows, as certain language becomes more and more forbidden, we could all turn into happy automatons.

The fields which we walk through will become narrow paths surrounded by a void if the new world order should ever come to pass.


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