Everyone including doctors seem to have an opinion about the coronavirus, masks, social distancing, vaccines, and the everchanging recommendations by Dr. Fauci. But who should we listen to?

Well first off, don’t listen to your friend that is overweight, sick, and never cared about health before. And don’t listen to that know-it-all family member that drinks and smokes like he’s a frat boy.

Lastly, don’t listen to puppets like Dr. Fauci and others that are paid by big pharma, the government, or some secret sponsor that controls what they say.

Pay close attention to professional like Dr. Elaina George, who is a private practitioner that cares about her patients and healthcare transparency. She takes her Hippocratic Oath seriously and honors it through her commitment to her profession and patients.

I recently interviewed Dr. George on my CBJ Real News show. Watch and listen as she shares the truth about covid-19, masks, Fauci, and yes…the vaccine!

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Listen to the audio of my interview with Dr. Elaina George here…

In conclusion, there are a lot of voices out there telling you what you “should” do, but be sure to listen to those that truly have your best interests in mind, are educated on the subject matter, and puts their patients before any outside influences especially monetary.