King Herod was an evil man that sat on his throne and commanded that innocent children be murdered.  He tormented (and murdered) the people God and exalted himself above all including the Lord.

An angel of the Lord struck down King Herod for his evil ways and the Bible says…

“…he was eaten by worms and died.” Acts 12:23

The powerful King Herod was literally eaten alive from the inside out, because of his evil ways.

Sound familiar?

Joe Biden will be responsible for millions of children murdered by abortion.  He chose to murder these innocent children instead of following in President Trump’s footsteps to be a voice for the unborn.

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Biden sits on a throne that he cheated to attain and torments God’s people by calling them names simply because they refused to vote for his evil plan to destroy America.

His arrogance radiates from his soul as he takes actions against Judeo-Christian beliefs like selecting a transgender, who believes in the genital mutilation of children, to sit in a United States leadership position.

Calling himself a Catholic doesn’t make Joe Biden a man of God.  He is mocking God with his evil ways.

Now, Biden is being eaten alive by his sin just like King Herod.  His mind is deteriorating more and more every day, which was shown clearly to the American people and everyone watching during his first press conference.

These are no longer just Joe Biden gaffes that the pundits laugh off.

Biden is a man being tormented by a mental disease that he cannot control yet he continues his evil ways.

Our God is greater than any man including Joe Biden, and his power will be shown in the days to come.