Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just made all of the coronavirus hacks including those in the Biden administration lose their minds AGAIN.

DeSantis declared that he would issue an executive order forbidding local governments and businesses from requiring so-called “vaccine passports” to show proof that customers have been inoculated against the coronavirus.

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply participate in normal society,” DeSantis said.

He went on to say that allowing governments and businesses to require proof of vaccinations would be “an unprecedented expansion” of public and private power.

Watch Governor DeSantis’ press conference here…

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This isn’t the first time that the Florida Governor has taken action against mask mandates and has used his executive authority to preempt local governments from enforcing restrictive measures. DeSantis saved many businesses by reopening the state’s economy after the covid-19 lockdowns.

Governor DeSantis, thank you for fighting for the state of Florida and paving the way for other states!