We must speak for those children lost, and we must stand against more families losing loved ones to disastrous policies that destroy American lives. We must elevate our voices to a fevered pitch and lift the voices that have been speaking about this for far too long.

What am I talking about? Abortion? No, that’s important for us to address but right now, the focus is on the true cost of illegal immigration.

Do you know that no known language has a word to define a parent that has lost a child? We have words to describe other losses but not that one specifically. I believe it’s because no one word can command the sense of loss and pain a parent experiences when their child is ripped away from them.

So what children do we need to speak for? Whose voices do we need to elevate? The voices of our fellow American citizens that have been lost at the hands of illegal aliens and the Angel families that are left behind to forever grieve for the loss of their loved ones. I can’t fathom, imagine, or comprehend the loss of a child but what I can comprehend is how to stop this nightmare for other parents.

Most of us are naïve to think that this could never happen to us, but no American is safe from the horrors of illegal alien crime. Victims of illegal alien crime are every day Americans just like me and you. They had goals, dreams, and could have all changed the world in one way or another.

So what makes victims of illegal alien crime different from others that have been tragically lost? In their potential they are the same, but the difference with a distinction lies in the fact their deaths were absolutely preventable.

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Let us define how these losses are much easier to prevent than others. Let’s start with the fact that illegal aliens are in this country, yes you guessed it, ILLEGALLY.

There are several steps to prevent the death of our fellow Americans. The first way is to stop illegal immigration. The macro (large picture or in this case national policy) versus the micro (the personal picture) and the disconnect of the politicians on the left.

The left often says one thing is good for the country but would NEVER apply that same standard to their personal lives. Immigration is a great example of this hypocrisy as the left pushes an agenda for open borders.

They literally allow people come into this country when we do not know who they are, where they come from, what their backgrounds are, what their names are, if they were criminals in their home country, where they are heading inside of the US, or basically any other relevant information.

So let’s take this macro policy and make it a micro policy…

Do you think radical left liberals would keep the doors to their homes wide open so a person that they don’t know could just roam around inside of their home with their loved ones and just start living their free of charge? Of course not!  But this is the exact policy they demand in America.

If they wouldn’t do it on a personal level, then why do they advocate for it on a national level? Because they have experienced no cost to this policy. Who has paid the price for these policies? Angel families.

These very illegals that could have and should have been stopped at the border roam freely inside of our borders through either relaxed border policies, catch and release programs, or other policies that politicians cook up to allow these illegals to roam freely amongst US citizens.

We know nothing about the illegal aliens. We don’t even know how many of them there are currently residing in our country. If these illegal aliens eluded our border protections, then they should be arrested once found inside of our republic and immediately deported.

The first rule of being a country is to establish and define your borders meaning exactly what land belongs to the nation state and defines the people that are to be within your borders and the laws they must abide by.

Angel families KNOW the cost of these open border policies, they carry a burden no one should carry because of these policies. We must, I implore all of you, STAND with your voices, call your representatives, call the White House, ELEVATE the voices of the Angel families and BE the voices of the victims of illegal alien crime. We must right this wrong.

We are Americans, on American soil and we have a right and the government has a RESPONSIBILITY to protect us and our loved ones from illegal aliens. Tell your representatives that we MUST know who is coming into this country, where they are coming from, what their past is, where are they going to be living and all other relevant information about these people. We MUST have the strongest borders and policies that punish those that illegally come into this republic.

I ask you now to take a minute in silence to remember those Angel families that have paid such a horrific price. Now, it’s time to stand and take action so that no more Americans will pay that price, carry that burden, and reap the results of failed immigration policies.


Watch this interview with John Di Lemme and Angel Moms, Sabine Durden-Coulter and Judy Zieto, whose sons were killed by illegal aliens…

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