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Alfie Oakes Shares How He Achieved the American Dream and Why He Stands Strong for Constitutional Rights

In this episode of the CBJ Real News Podcast Show, John Di Lemme interviewed Alfie Oakes, founder of Oakes Farms and Seed to Table Market, about how he achieved the American Dream and why he stands strong for Constitutional Rights in his life and business. Plus hear why Alfie doesn’t mandate that his customers wear masks in his store.

Watch the interview with John and Alfie here…

Listen to this powerful interview here…

Find out more about Alfie Oakes, Oakes Farms, and Seed to Table at www.OakesFarms.com [1]

Plus See Alfie Speak LIVE at the *We The People Fight Back Event* on April 23 & 24, in Naples, Florida.

Go to www.WeThePeopleFightBackEvent.com [2] or Call/Text (561) 847-3467 [3]

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