I am calling on my fellow Constitutionalists and Republicans to come together in this most dire time where radical leftists want to deal the final blow that would bring our Constitutional America to its knees. We must stand together to vehemently oppose the Court Packing bill that was recently proposed by Democrats.

We must rally fellow Americans to show that Patriots overwhelmingly support a Constitutional Supreme Court that remains isolated from the political whims of the Marxist, Communist Democrats that now hold a majority in the Senate and House, and control the Executive branch.

The Court Packing bill proposes adding four new Supreme Court justices totaling thirteen on the bench. The bill is led by Senator Ed Markey – Ma, and Representative Jerry Nadler – NY. Co-sponsors include Representative Hank Johnson – Ga and Representative Mondaire Jones – NY. This is the most dangerous piece of legislation introduced by Democrats yet, and would forever change the fabric and foundation of the United States of America.

Court Packing is a severely partisan attempt to undermine the Supreme Court as an independent apolitical branch that is meant to interpret the United States Constitution. The direct result of Court Packing would cause the Supreme Court to become the henchman of whatever political power holds a majority.

If the Democrats manage to manipulate the Supreme Court, then there will be no hope of ever rehabilitating the Checks and Balance system that is absolutely crucial in the United States Constitution.

Even notoriously left-leaning Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once stated, “”If anything would make the court appear partisan it would be [Court Packing] . . . One side saying, ‘When we’re in power we’re going to enlarge the number of judges, so we’ll have more people who will vote the way we want them to.’ So I am not at all in favor of that solution to what I see as a temporary situation.”

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Though the radical left likely does not have enough votes at this time to pass the Court Packing bill, Nancy Pelosi has stated that she is not ruling out the potential of bringing the piece of legislation to the floor at a later time.

Pelosi stated, “I don’t know that [Court Packing’s] a good idea or bad idea. I think it’s an idea that is to be considered. And I think the president’s taking the right approach to, to have a commission to study such a thing. . . It’s not out of the question, it has been done before.”

With that stated, the issue is not just the Legislative branch, but also the Executive branch that established a commission that under the pretense of studying the Supreme Court would undoubtedly lead to facilitation of packing the courts. The critical issue is that a Supreme Court packed by radical Democrats are controlled by puppet strings.

The Judiciary branch is a separate entity, supposedly isolated from politics, to ensure that the courts are ruled by law not political whims. If the legislation is not introduced now, surely the Democrats will be rallying support to pass it later. And that is why it is absolutely necessary that we take action now to ensure that our Representatives in office who hang in the balance of leaning left or right know how we feel about Court Packing.

It is important to remember the historical impact that the last attempt at Court Packing had on the Supreme Court. In 1937, when Franklin Roosevelt, proposed legislation that would essentially pack the courts or allow him to replace any justice that was older than seventy years old, the Supreme Court justices responded to the pressure by switching votes and decisions to appease the Democrats and prevent Court Packing. The very same might arise in 2021 and onward if the Democrats persist with their plot for tyrannical control.

We must show support for our Conservative judges to remain true to the Constitution and unperturbed by the political schemes of the Radical Left. The Democrats through their Court Packing plot have brazenly revealed themselves to be a reflection of tyrants and dictators of history like Castro and Mussolini.

Therefore, I send this plea to my fellow Republicans, Constitutionalists to act and act NOW!

The following is a resolution that you can propose and submit to your local Republican Party as an adopted stance on the issue of Court Packing. Additionally, below is a list of representatives that might be persuaded by letter writing campaigns. Enclosed is a list of ways to contact these representatives and a blurb of what you can convey to them.

I respectfully request the Chairman to bring this Proposed Resolution to be on the agenda for the May CCREC meeting:

A RESOLUTION OF THE _______________________________ REGARDING COURT PACKING

WHEREAS, Court Packing is defined as adding seats to the Supreme Court of the United States,

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of the United States has had nine seats since 1869,

WHEREAS, Court Packing was attempted in 1937 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and rejected for its severe partisan impact and destruction of the checks and balance system,

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of the United States is part of the Judiciary which is an independent, apolitical branch,

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of the United States must interpret the United States Constitution free of political influence,

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court is the only branch as of 2021 that puts law and order above political whims,

WHEREAS, Court Packing is a solely partisan attempt by the radical leftists to gain totalitarian control of all three branches of government,

BE IT RESOLVED, that the __________________________________ demand that the President, Vice President and all Representatives in the House and Senate refuse to consider Court Packing the Supreme Court and deny bringing any Court Packing legislation to the floor.  We demand that if such legislation is brought forward in committee or to the floor that all Representatives in the House and Senate vote against it.  We demand that the President do not sign any Executive Orders that furthers Court Packing.  We demand that the President and Vice President terminate the commission researching the potential of Court Packing.

Approved by _________________________________, _________, 2021.


Letter writing campaign:

Dear Representative/Senator __________________,

I am contacting you to express my fervent opposition to Court Packing the United States Supreme Court.  Court Packing is a partisan scheme that will lead to destruction of the delicate Checks and Balance system in the United States Constitution.  Be on notice that you have a duty to the American people and Court Packing is against American values.  I demand that you vote against any and all legislations brought to committee or to the floor that further the goals of Court Packing.



Your name here.


Contact these Representatives and more. Democrats noted with an asterisk:

Mitch McConnell of Kentucky (202) 224-2541

Susan Collins of Maine (202) 224-2523

Lindsay Graham of South Carolina (202) 224-5972

*Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire (202) 224-3324

Joe Manchin of West Virginia 202-224-3954

Lisa Murkoski of Alaska  (202) 224-6665

Mitt Romney of Utah (202) 224-5251

*Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona (202) 224-4521

*Jon Tester of Montana (202) 224-2644

Sherrod Brown of Ohio (202) 224-2315

Liz Cheney of Wyoming 202-225-2311

Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio (202) 225-3876

Jamie Herrera-Beutler of Washington (202) 225-3536

John Katko of New York (202) 225-3701

Adam Kinzinger of Illinois (202) 225-3635

Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania (202) 225-2301

Peter Meijer of Michigan (202) 225-3831

Dan Newhouse of Washington (202) 225-5816

Tom Rice of South Carolina (202) 225-9895

Fred Upton of Michigan (202) 225-3761

David Valadao of California (202) 225-4695

Marco Rubio: (202) 224-3041

Rick Scott: (202) 224-5274

Matt Gaetz FL-1: (202) 225-4136

Neal Dunn FL-2: (202) 225-5235

Kat Cammack FL-3: N/A

John Rutherford FL-4: (202) 225-2501

Alfred Lawson FL-5: (202) 225-0123

Michael Waltz FL-6: (202) 225-2706

Stephanie Murphy FL-7: (202) 225-4035

Bill Posey FL-8: (321) 632-1776

Darren Soto FL-9: (202) 225-9889

Val Demings FL-10: (202) 225-2176

Daniel Webster FL-11: (202) 225-1002

Gus Bilirakis FL-12: (202) 225-5755

Charlie Crist FL-13: (202) 225-5961

Kathy Castor FL-14: (202) 225-3376

Ross Spano FL-15: (202) 225-1252

Vern Buchanan FL-16: (202) 225-5015

Greg Steube FL-17: (202) 225-5792

Brian Mast FL-18: (202) 225-3026

Byron Donalds FL-19: [email protected]

Alcee Hastings FL-20: (202) 225-1313

Lois Frankel FL-21: (202) 225-9890

Ted Deutch FL-22: (954) 255-8336

Debbie Wasserman Schultz FL-23: (202) 225-7931

Frederica Wilson FL-24: (202) 225-4506

Mario Diaz-Balart FL-25: (202) 225-4211

Carlos Giminez FL-26: [email protected]

Maria Elvira Salazar FL-27: (786) 540-7176


We are the final stand to keep the United States free.

“Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” – President Donald J. Trump