In her Vice President role, Kamala Harris did not return the salute of two airmen saluting her while boarding Air force one. Returning a salute to a military member and servant is a courtesy that should never go void when you are standing for your country and the rest of the free world.

The act of not returning the salute screams arrogance and disdain for the military on her part and calls into question her understanding of our armed forces.  What drives her disdain for our military heroes? Contrast this to her adoration for illegals entering at the border.

But then again, it’s hard to understand your role in a position that you clearly didn’t earn or achieve fairly.

Kamala Harris has been the recipient of unsavory politicized handouts in her career and has never been successful on her merit. Only with the help of the former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, was she able to use her leverage in the spotlight of the so-called “San Francisco values” cult born in the era and inspired by the political fraud organizer Reverend Jim Jones.

Willie Brown groomed Kamala Harris to continue his San Francisco values bathed in Marxist philosophy. By giving her choice positions in local government, he skyrocketed her career into San Francisco politics.

Brown is also responsible for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein, and Governor Gavin Newsom. He assembled the unholy quadrangle of doom in California politics that still affects us at the national level today.

Should Kamala Harris Be in Charge of the Border Crisis?

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Harris had a lackluster career in the California government. As a prosecutor, district attorney, and California Attorney General, Kamala placed draconian rules that put scores of Black men in prison for light drug use offenses, 2,000 dollar fines, and jail time for parents whose children committed truancy.

She stood in opposition in more than a dozen tribal land-into-trust applications. Because of her blind loyalty to then-Governor Jerry Brown, she did not endear herself to California tribal officials. All of her blunders against minorities and low-income families in the state made her even less famous and hurt her chances in her 2020 presidential run.

Kamala Harris’s career has always been in government and never the private sector. As a typical government employee, where money is not a driving factor, all you must do is meet the attorney’s status quo. That should tell you something about her actual mindset and lack of abilities.

Willie Brown pushed her to the top of California politics. She did not have the horsepower on her merit. She lost her race for California Attorney General but miraculously beat her opponent three days later after a recount.

As a junior senator, Kamala Harris’s only real work was cross-examining all President Donald Trump’s nominees for the supreme court. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett proved she was no match for their intellect or class. She also managed to pass a useless no lynching bill with Senator Corey Booker.

Harris served four years of not conducting anything positive for her constituents. What makes Joe Biden and the Democrats think she can manage problems at the border when she has never solved an issue for any person, place, or thing in her entire career. She has yet to make a trip to the border.

How can anyone imagine Kamala Harris as President of the United States?

She is never serious, and she is not a genuine person based on her past actions. She is a “San Francisco values” Marxist who has a history of abusing and neglecting the people she had authority over. Yet, she was a heavy weed user in college. Do as I say and not as I do is her privileged, liberal ideology.

Kamala Harris is a threat to our American values, national borders, and our way of life. A 25th amendment action by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House is the last thing we need in our country. She will run everything through executive orders that will make Biden’s actions look like child’s play.


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