Take what you thought you knew about Mike Lindell and his MyPillow dynasty and throw it out the window.  I’m going to pull back the curtain and expose the truth about what I personally saw with my own eyes that very few people get the opportunity to see.

My wife, Christie, and I were recently invited on a private tour of the MyPillow factory in Minnesota led by the CEO and Inventor Mike Lindell. We joined five other Patriots (and dear friends) for what we knew would be a great day, but we truly had no idea what we were about to experience.

We arrived at the MyPillow factory a little before 9:00am and were greeted by a team member in the MyPillow store. Within just a few minutes, Mike Lindell and his team joined us.

MyPillow Mike Lindell      MyPillow Mike Lindell

After our initial introductions and some discussion about how the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump, Mike excitedly welcomed us to his business and started the tour of the factory.

MyPillow Mike Lindell

The moment that we stepped on the floor of the factory, Mike beamed with pride.  He was like a kid in a candy store as he showed us how the pillows are made and raved about how important all of his employees are to the success of the company.

MyPillow Mike Lindell
MyPillow Mike Lindell

Every aspect of the production is meticulous from the seam around the outer edges of the pillowcase to the foam that is used for the pillows to how the pillows are packaged.

MyPillow Mike Lindell
MyPillow Mike Lindell

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My favorite part of the tour was what I called the Bible verse machine. As the pillows are inserted into boxes, a Bible verse is placed into random boxes.

MyPillow Mike Lindell  Who takes the time and invests hundreds of thousands of dollars on a machine that can insert Bible verses into a product package?  Mike Lindell!

Not only does he produce a superior product, but he also shares Jesus and gives his customers hope with that small little piece of paper that unexpectedly falls out as they open their MyPillow package.

MyPillow Mike Lindell

Our 3 hour tour of the MyPillow factory ended up being an 8 hour day with Mike Lindell and his team that none of us will every forget.

MyPillow Mike Lindell

While Mike Lindell has to be one of the most brilliant business men and marketers that I’ve ever met, that’s not what captivated me the most about the tour.

The one word that captures the essence of MyPillow is family.

Everyone is like one big family that you are instantly welcomed into when you step into the building, but it doesn’t end there.  That respect and love for their customers and colleagues continues after you leave. You feel that love in their phone calls, emails, and basically all communication.

Thank you Mike Lindell and the MyPillow Family for a truly wonderful experience!

mypillow mike lindell

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