From the land of make-believe and flawed logic comes a plan to help Black Americans catch up to the rest of the country.

The premise of Joe Biden’s project for Black people is being victims of systematic racism, of course.  Poverty, low education, and simply having no idea how to grow a business is not their fault even though schools are usually not segregated and everyone has equal access to opportunities in this country.

His plan calls for government-directed justice legislation to level the playing field for a specific minority. Biden already believes Blacks are technology idiots and cannot obtain a photo ID, so his plan should take those gaps into account.

Through a series of bills that throw government money at minority businesses that likely should not be running in the first place, their plan suggests that Blacks cannot run a company because of racial wealth and opportunity gaps.

How insulting is that idea when a business owner with an innovative idea and organization has no barriers to make things happen? Who starts a business with no money and no opportunities?

Who in government would even entertain the idea if the banks will not? Biden’s plans are not pro-American free-market. This is socialism aimed at the Black community.

Joe Biden assumes Blacks cannot buy homes reasonably and need government aid to build, lend and move them into homes they cannot afford. Renting is not a dreadful thing if you cannot afford a home, Joe!

Just like a failed business, a person who cannot afford a down payment because they did not “build wealth,” as Biden says, is not suitable for any party. Biden’s solutions do not grasp the underlying issues minorities have. Culture has much to do with the gaps, not race.

His plan is an opportunity to push Blacks into government dependency further. His plan to build public housing just for minorities shows how far he is willing to achieve it.

Democrats speak of handouts, aka reparations for Blacks, but never deliver even when they control both the House and Senate.

When Obama was president, he had both houses, and they never brought it up. Yet The phony green screen Biden administration pressed forward to give illegal aliens fifteen thousand dollars for COVID relief.  Illegals may just get the reparation handouts that Blacks will never get, and they’re not even American citizens!

Illegal aliens received more than the Blacks will under any Biden plan.

Why doesn’t Kamala Harris ever stand up to Biden’s racist remarks? Why does she not say anything after she was selected VP? If she is unwilling to go to the border for a crisis, she will surely not lift a finger to help African Americans at home especially since she only tries to relate to Black people when it’s beneficial for her.

Where is she on the reparations? Despite record employment and income improvement, Harris is quick to blame President Trump for being disproportionately harmed but offers no solutions or advocacy for Blacks under the Harris Biden Administration.

If Biden’s lofty government plans keep the Black man down and under government control, freedom of choice among Blacks and other minorities is the enemy of Joe Biden and the Democrat party in general.  Blacks need to overcome their shortfalls and naturally, instead of the government putting them in their “place.”

Awareness is the key to making it happen. We are all Americans!

The fact that people divide themselves based on what they look like alone should scream discrimination. Joe Biden is the first person to stereotype, suggest and judge people in that way categorically.

Come on, Joe!  We don’t care about the Black kids that rubbed your hairy legs as you worked as a lifeguard or why you learned about roaches around Black people.

Like all Americans, we simply want to be respected and treated with dignity. Biden is clearly incapable of doing that; therefore, he will move forward with dividing the nation to coverup his incapacity.