125th Street Pizza of Harlem is not just an average New York Pizzeria.  While they serve up delicious pizza, garlic knots, and other mouthwatering dishes, there’s a little known secret about the business that will shock you.

When John Moore heard how children in his community were suffering from not receiving proper education that taught them the basic skill of reading, he decided to do something about it.

Moore created a literacy program within his pizzeria.

Spending his own money, he buys books and challenges children that visit his restaurant to read a book, write a book report, and present it to him. In return, he gives the child a free pizza.

As an Italian that loves real New York style pizza , I can tell you that’s a deal!  Get a free pie just for improving your reading skills… unfortunately, I’m too old to participate. :)

I’m proud to announce that the Conservative Business Journal has teamed up with John Moore to further the reach of his pizzeria literacy program.  These children are the future of America.

Watch this video of a 6 year old child that excitedly tells John about the book he read and presents his book report…

Of course the child (and his Dad) were excited about receiving a free pizza, but the pride that the child felt after completing the challenge speaks volume about the impact of this literacy program on the community.

In addition helping children in the community learn to read, John Moore assists the homeless in his neighborhood with jobs, personal care items, and of course…pizza!

I’m often asked how can we as Americans fight back against the radicals trying to destroy our country.  My answer to that…

Be like John Moore!

Get involved in your local community. Focus on changing the lives of those around you before you try to save the world. Participate in local politics and take a stand for your neighborhood.

John Moore Literacy Program Pizza

Yes, you will face adversity. John Moore knows that firsthand.

Recently, a BLM activist tried to rip down the American flag in front of the pizzeria, spit in his face twice, exposed herself, and called him a racist among other nasty names.

But this attack didn’t stop him from focusing on his long-term goals for his community.

Once again, be like John Moore.



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