When it comes to abortions and helping women around the nation find the resources to getting the highly-debated surgery, Planned Parenthood has risen the ranks to become one of the leading providers. But while most often relate Planned Parenthood and abortions together, supposedly the organization does more than just helping kill innocent babies. Well, at least to New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez there is and she is here to tell you more about it. 

On Thursday, AOC attended a virtual House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing to discuss “Birthing While Black: Examining America’s Black Maternal Health Crisis”. During the hearing, AOC hurdled into a passionate speech about Planned Parenthood and how many lives they actually save annually. She also didn’t forget to attack the Republicans while she was at it. 

“I don’t want to hear a single person on this committee or outside of this committee talk about valuing life when they continue to uphold the death penalty, when they continue to support policies that disproportionately incarcerate and lead to the deaths of black men and people throughout this country and uphold an absolutely unjust medical system that exists for profit that allows people to die because they can’t afford to live.

If we want to talk about Planned Parenthood, let’s talk about how many lives Planned Parenthood has saved and how many babies have been born because of the prenatal care provided by Planned Parenthood.”

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After her rousing speech, AOC happened to save the best for last when she announced that she was a Planned Parenthood baby. While it can’t be verified, AOC was most likely referring to the prenatal services also offered by Planned Parenthood. 

Although AOC appears to be confident and passionate when it comes to the lives of unborn children, her attack on the right and facts about lives saved by Planned Parenthood should be examined. 

On Planned Parenthood’s 2019-2020 annual report, the organization performed a staggering 354,871 abortions. And that was just in the span of one year. Not to mention, in that same period of time – Planned Parenthood offered a measly 8,626 prenatal services. So, when discussing the difference between murder and saving lives, AOC might want to revisit Planned Parenthood’s website. 


This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on May 8, 2021. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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