Many years ago, I had a vision to create the Conservative Business Journal and made the decision to step out of my comfort zone to become a fierce fighter and protector of Conservative values.

I knew as a Proud American that if the foundational Conservative values that our nation was founded on do not remain intact, then there was no future for America.

To “Conserve” means to protect something from harm or destruction and to guard from corruption.

A “Conservative” is a person that stands firm on traditional values and refuses to compromise on those values for anyone or anything.

Does that mean that we as Conservatives are unable to innovate or change with the times? No. It means that we’re more equipped to handle change even if it’s uncomfortable, because we have a value system in place that serves as a rock-solid foundation for everything we do in life.

However, it does not mean that we will cower to the radical left and conform to their rules that are in direct conflict with our beliefs.

My value system of Faith, Family, and Freedom breathed life into the vision for the Conservative Business Journal movement. There’s nothing more important than my Christian Faith and my love for my Family.

As an American, I have the Freedom to serve my God and protect my Family by standing on my Conservative values that were instilled in me from my Italian grandparents and parents from a very young age.

The Conservative Business Journal is one of the fastest growing Conservative media outlets that shares Real News with the American people online, offline, and through my daily CBJ Real News Podcast Show. Plus we consistently expose the truth about the radical left trying to destroy our nation.

Here are the *17* Reasons (Conservative Values, Rights, and Freedoms) Why We Founded the Conservative Business Journal and Fight Daily for the Future of America:

#1. The United State Constitution – It’s the law of our land.

#2. First Amendment – Freedom of Speech

#3. Second Amendment – Right to Bear Arms

#4. Right to Vote in a Fair and Free Election – Election Integrity

#5. Support and Respect for Law Enforcement – Back the Blue

#6. Pro-Life – Give a Voice to the Unborn that have a Right to Live

#7. Religious Liberty – Protect the Judeo-Christian Beliefs that America was Founded On

#8. Stand with Israel and Protect the Nation from Foreign Enemies

#9. Support Capitalism and Free Enterprise – Stand Against Communism & Socialism

#10. Education for All Children Free from Radical Left Indoctrination Such as the 1619 Project

#11. Always Stand for the American Flag and Our National Anthem

#12. Support the United States Military and Veterans that Fought for Our Freedom

#13. America First Policies that Put Our Country and Citizens Before Foreign Nations

#14. Strong Foreign Policy that Makes America the Most Powerful Nation in the World

#15. Freedom of the Press for All Journalists Based on Truth (No Censorship)

#16. Legal Immigration and Keeping Our Borders Safe – Build The Wall

Last but not least…

#17. We the People Control America with Limited Government Interference

If *We The People* don’t stand up to those trying to take away our rights granted under the United States Constitution and fight against the radical anti-God, anti-capitalism, anti-freedom policies, then we will lose our nation forever.

The Conservative Business Journal was developed to empower and educate Conservatives to fight back (peacefully) with your time, talent, resources, and most importantly, relationships. If we do not stand together, we will fall apart!

No one individual can change the future of our nation alone, but together *We The People* have the power to strengthen the Conservative Movement and make it absolutely unstoppable.

Lastly, the #1 question that I get every single day is, “John, what can I do?”

The simple answer is…Get involved!

We have unlimited resources for you through the Conservative Business Journal to be inspired and empowered to get more involved plus educate yourself on what’s really going on in America and beyond our borders so that you are confident in discussing these matters.

Here are *3* Ways to Get Started Now…

#1. Receive our Real News Updates and CBJ Real News Podcast Show Notifications and Replays for Free at and Join our CBJ Telegram Channel at or search Telegram for my channel, John Di Lemme – CBJ Real News.

We are heavily censored on social media, banned for life on and have even been kicked off of LinkedIn (Yes, Linkedin!). That’s why it’s important to stay connected in ways that the liberal left cannot control.         

#2. Listen to the Daily CBJ Real News Podcast Show at or go to your Apple. Google Play Store, etc. and download the Conservative Business Journal Podcast App for free.

#3. Attend one of our *We The People Fight Back Events. The next event is on August 20 & 21, 2021 in Naples, Florida. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from speakers on a variety of topics impacting our nation plus mastermind with like-minded Patriots that are fighting for the future of America. Go to for more information and to secure your ticket before it sells out.

Feel Free to Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Email [email protected] to Get Your Tickets to the *We The People Fight Back Event* or for additional information about the Conservative Business Journal.


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