Bill Bratton and Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York City in the 1990s. But are major American cities too far gone to rescue?

FNC: “Former Los Angeles and New York City police chief Bill Bratton said recently that major U.S. cities, which originally embraced the Defund the Police movement, are beginning to acknowledge the ‘unintended negative consequences’ of their reforms as crime rates surge across the country.

A recent Fox News Poll showed that 73% of Americans believe there is more crime in the country in 2021 than there was in 2020. Between May 10 and May 16, 13 felony assaults occurred on NYC subways. The following week that number nearly doubled to 24 assaults.”

Bratton commented, “They’re recognizing that in a democracy, the essential element for public safety is the police,” he said during a recent appearance on “America’s Newsroom.”

The former chief said that while the public opinion “pendulum” about policing had swung far to the left it was now almost “coming off the scale,” and returning to center.

“Do the police need to reform? They certainly do, but you can’t spend most of your time trying to criminalize the activities of the police and decriminalize the activities of the real criminals…Nobody was particularly paying much attention to the surging crime in our country’s major cities and indeed now even expanding into our suburban and rural areas.” As for the press sensationalizing crime? “If it bleeds it leads,” Bratton said.

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On crime in New York City, a filthy cesspool of miscreants and Bolsheviks, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently said, “New Yorkers don’t feel safe. You know why they don’t feel safe? Because the crime rate is up. It’s not that they are being neurotic or overly sensitive—they’re right. They are right.”

Bratton said that Cuomo’s words were “right on the money,” and opined that not only is the city facing a crime wave, but also a rise in the “fear” and “perception” of crime. But Cuomo’s words are cheap, as he tries to change the subject to lessen the hit on Democrats.

But will the municipal authorities do anything about the crime spree? No. Because they have made common cause with the criminals who treat NYC like a policeless candy store, any crime easy to pull off and easier to walk away from. Such are the wages of Democrats in office.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on June 3, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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