I’ve traveled all over the world and when people find out that I’m American, the conversation centers on one word…


We are FREE to be whatever we want to be and basically do whatever we want to do as long as it’s legal unless your a Democrat elitist and then there’s different standards with regards legality, but that conversation is for another day.

Right now, I want to focus on the freedoms that we are losing under the current administration.

The Democrat dictatorship from the presidency to Congress to state governors and even down to local representatives have one common goal, absolute control of the American people.

While it’s not so easy to control our freedom loving citizens, Democrats have learned from their heroes in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to disguise their communist agenda as social equity that will give everyone a chance at the American Dream.

Let’s be clear…

Control by a one party government with a sitting leader that wasn’t elected by the American people will NOT result in anyone achieving the American Dream, but the people in power.

These same people will stop at nothing to gain complete control.  Sadly, Americans will suffer the consequences of their greed.

You will see signs of communism seeping into your life if you simply look around. For instance, take our experience at the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina.

My wife, Christie, went to one of airport shops for some snacks and this is what she saw…

While talking with one of the airport officials, not only are they unable to get needed stock for their stores, but they are also unable to hire enough employees because of Biden’s free money plan.  We’ve seen this same scenario in airports all over America over the last couple of months.

The supply chain is being decimated, which drives up the price of products and services.  Snacks that were available in the airport shop cost an average of $5.00 to $8.00 per bag.

Stimulus checks and inflated unemployment checks empower people not to work, because they make more money staying home than they do working for a living.

Unfortunately, this is happening in every industry and businesses can’t survive. When businesses close, they become dependent on the government.

When basic needs aren’t being met and people can’t take care of their families, fear and desperation sets in resulting in control of your life being handed to people that despise a Conservative’s very existence.

I used to say that our country was under threat of socialism, but that’s no longer true. America is being attacked by communists, and we must stop them before the nation that we love is no longer recognizable.