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Conservatives Speaking about Christian Values is Offensive, but Anti-Semitism is Fine

When Conservatives stand up for our Christian values, we are called homophobic, anti-women, and even racist. Yes…racist! Unfortunately, the left plays the race card when they have nothing else, which is regularly.

Since when did saving babies, standing up for traditional marriage, protecting our families, worshiping Jesus, and demanding our rights under the US Constitution violate social norms in America? It’s the double standard imposed on Conservatives by the radical left.

Rep. Ilhan Omar spews hate-filled, anti-Semitic rhetoric against Americans and basically our entire country, but it’s just fine.

Even when she is questioned about her vile behavior especially towards Jews, she says she doesn’t regret it and has never apologized.

I’ve said it time and time again…

This is a Gideon moment in America, and God is looking for the Warriors that will stand up for their faith instead of cowering to the radical left.

Will you be one of the Warriors that fights against this double standard that is stifling our religious freedom as Christians?