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In early May, UncoverDC reported that attorney Matt DePerno shared that he had brought in Systems Vulnerability and National Security Expert Jeffrey Lenberg to show that votes of any and all kinds can be manipulated at the tabulator without being easily detected. Per the article:

“Lenberg walks the viewer through the process showing how the votes can be flipped. He allegedly shows how to make modifications to the vote tally with specificity as he feeds ballots through the machine. He swaps Presidential votes, leaves the Senatorial race alone, and swaps the Congressional race. He then goes into the database software and changes commands on the system to match the changes he made on the card so that all parts of the system are consistent with the desired votes when the canvass is performed. The ballots themselves stay the same. The manipulations can easily go undetected.”

Today DePerno says he has big news, stating that “we have been lied to.” He says that “results were made REMOTELY by an ANONYMOUS user without proper logon credentials.” This is a bombshell because everyone has been told repeatedly that the voting machines were, and are never, connected to the internet.


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