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Joe Biden Struggles To Read Teleprompter: “This Job, This Jobs, The Jobs”

Joe Biden is supposed to be the leader of the free world yet he can’t even read a teleprompter.

Isn’t it amazing that Biden stumbles over the word “Jobs”, which is the very thing that he is currently destroying in America.

Old Joe is handing out stimulus checks and child tax credits without limitation that make Americans dependent on the government. To make matters worse, the ease of getting unemployment payments on top of the other free money has created a society of lazy citizens that earn more money staying home than going to work.

This is socialism [1] at its finest. Free money coupled with the breakdown of the supply chain for a variety of products is absolutely killing businesses across our nation.

No Workers + No Access to Products/Supplies = Economic Crisis

We all know that the money isn’t FREE.  Working class Americans and business owners will be the ones that are charged with paying back the money that feeds the welfare mentality.

So, say it again Joe…

“This Job, This Jobs, The Jobs”