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*10* Facts Why Healthcare Workers are Refusing the COVID-19 Vaccine

This article was written by Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Nutrition Expert.

For months, the news media has constantly barraged viewers with vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.

It’s amazing how many experts on vaccines and viruses have emerged over the last 11 months.  I mean seriously, experts are everywhere…Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the local grocery store! It is truly astonishing!

One statistic that has been circulating, which many people are questioning, is 40% of front line healthcare workers have refused the vaccine. This number comes from multiple government watchdog organizations who have combed through the data of county health departments.

That is a big number…4 out of 10 healthcare providers have refused the vaccine!

For those seeking info on whether to receive the COVID vaccine or not, this is a huge red flag.  Why are those people who come in contact with sick people and people with COVID-19 on a regular basis saying no to the vaccine? What do they know that media outlets do not seem to be sharing?

The following are the Facts as reported from multiple healthcare and research sources.

Vaccine Fact #1: Many healthcare workers have been exposed repeatedly to and infected with COVID-19.

They have developed the perfect immune blueprint to this virus, one which is vastly superior to any drug or vaccine. IF you have recovered from the virus-symptomatic or asymptomatic, then you have full immunity.

The manufacturers of the vaccines are even in agreement that if you’ve had the virus, then you aren’t a candidate for the vaccine. Why would you mess up the perfect immune recipe for fighting COVID-19 by introducing a drug which impacts the immune system to your body?

Vaccine Fact #2: Contracting COVID-19 after the vaccine is very possible.

This is a non traditional vaccine and breakthrough infections have been reported.

Vaccine Fact #3:  For those who have lupus, RA, MS or other autoimmune issues, it is unclear whether this artificial onslaught of t-spike protein can cause complications with their current immune issues.

In other words, the vaccine has caused a worsening of other autoimmune issues.

Vaccine Fact #4: There is no organized and efficient database for reporting, TRACKING and EVALUATING in real time of the serious side effects caused by the vaccine.

We have no idea what those side effects are, how prevalent, in what age group of the population and no idea how many people are impacted because we have an inefficient chaotic reporting system.

Vaccine Fact #5: Side effects of the vaccine can be catastrophic.

Side effects such as fertility issues, miscarriages, flare up of Lupus, kidney failure, Guillen Barre syndrome, facial and limb paralysis, frozen shoulder, stroke, blood clots, severe migraine headaches, tinnitus, worsening of RA symptoms, and severe worsening of IBS have all been seen in people within days of having even just one dose of the vaccine.

Vaccine Fact #6: There are therapeutics available that are prescribed routinely, are 95% effective in eliminating the illness, and have truly negligible side effects.

In other words, we have valid effective and safe treatments that are safer than the vaccine.

Vaccine Fact #7: Data indicates the strategy of vaccinating the most vulnerable, those who are elderly and have multiple pre-existing conditions, has been the most effective in controlling the hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19.

That is precisely what this vaccine was designed to do! It was not designed to eliminate the virus. Covid-19 will continue to exist within our culture just like the flu.  Once again, the vaccine WILL NOT eliminate the virus!

Vaccine Fact #8: This current vaccine is a truly an emergency use therapeutic.

That means it has not had sufficient time to determine the absolute bottom line safety. Two of the vaccines have been temporarily paused in certain countries, because of safety concerns. These are issues that would have been worked out in a reasonable trial time instead of through administering the drug to the general public.

Vaccine Fact #9: Drug manufacturers have blanket immunity from from ALL injuries originating from the vaccines.

Vaccine Fact #10: The current vaccine is a drug, a therapeutic. It is not a traditional vaccine.

All other medications or therapeutics are given after a consult with a healthcare professional who evaluates your personal need for a med. This vaccine is literally given at drive thru sites in parks with no corresponding medical evaluation or consultation.

Here’s a key fact to keep in mind…

Herd immunity is the combination of those vaccinated AND those who have natural immunity from a previous infection.  So, those who have been exposed to/infected with COVID19 are essential in protecting those who have not!

What Can You Do Right Now?

Strengthen your immune system. It all starts with the foods that you eat, proper hydration, and fine-tuning your herb and supplement intake. Your daily health checklist must include Vitamin D3, zinc, astragalus, and an abundance of nutrient dense foods.