Watch out America! This sign of force from the government is coming to a city near you…

Starting next week, 300 unarmed soldiers will begin patrols in Sydney, Australia,  a city of 6 million people. They will be knocking on doors to ensure that residents are following strict stay-at-home measures, the Australian broadcaster ABC reported. Sydney extended the lockdown until August 28th due to the supposed rise in covid cases.

New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott said, “The military’s help is needed to enforce the restrictions because a small minority of people thought “the rules didn’t apply to them,”

Now, doesn’t this animosity toward a certain group of people that refuses the live their lives in lockdowns or follow medical guidance based on questionable data sound very familiar to what the radical left government officials are doing in America.  We must wake up to the reality that has landed on our doorsteps.

The good news is that we are not Australia…

We are citizens of the United States of America that are governed by a Constitution that affords us rights and freedoms that the radical let government lunatics cannot take away no matter how hard they try. However, We The People must stand up for our freedom and refuse to be compliant with mandates that violate our constitutional rights.

The Australian Prime Minister recently told reporters,  “If you get vaccinated, there will be special rules that apply to you. Why? Because if you’re vaccinated, you present less of a public health risk. You are less likely to get the virus. You are less likely to transmit it,”

“Special rules” similar to the unvaccinated Americans being forced to dine separately from vaccinated Americans or unvaccinated Americans being told to wear masks 24/7 simply because we refuse to put a toxic, experimental drug in our bodies.  Or even worse, federal workers, medical personnel, and various company employees being forced to get the shot (not a vaccine) or they lose their jobs.

Wait…I thought it was “My Body, My Choice” or is that only when you wear a pink vagina hat and kill babies.

Your health is worth more than a lottery ticket, a joint, free beer and complimentary doughnuts. Plus your compliance gives the communists a stronghold in your life.

Do your own research and stand on your constitutional rights as an American citizen, but don’t be naïve to what’s knocking on our doors.


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