Alfie Oakes is the owner of Oakes Farms and Seed to Table Market in Naples, Florida who gained national attention for refusing to force his customers to wear a mask in his business. But Seed to Table isn’t just any grocery store…

It’s a 75,000 sq. ft. farmer’s market-inspired store where find fresh produce from Alfie’s farms, a butcher shop, fish market, 2-story wine section, full-service bakery, several restaurants & food kiosks, ice cream shop, a café, juice & smoothie bar, wine bar, large deli, cheese section, sushi bar, large all-organic section, ready-made meals, playground for the kids, and fresh garden center with plants, herbs, and flowers.

Plus there’s even live music and dancing!  Alfie has truly created a place for everyone in his community and surrounding areas to enjoy fun, food, and fellowship.

alfie oakes seed to table

So needless to say, he wasn’t going to let local officials ruin this experience for his employees or his customers by mandating masks inside of his store especially when there was never mask mandate in the state of Florida.

Alfie welcomes everyone to do what makes them feel comfortable whether it’s wearing a mask or not wearing a mask or like he said, “Customers can wear a full bodysuit, and if you’re afraid of bumping your head, wear a football helmet.”

He even posted signs as you enter his store that express his policy on masks…

alfie oakes seed to table

He also posts signs warning code enforcement not to step foot in Seed to Table Market unless it is to shop, or drink…

alfie oakes seed to table

Why does Alfie take measures that many consider extreme? Because he truly loves his customers and refuses to cower to the radical left trying to stomp on his constitutional rights.  His actions give others the courage to stand up for their rights and fight for their individual freedoms plus encourage them to do their own research about the vaccine.

alfie oakes seed to table

Alfie’s fighting spirit has landed him on stages across America sharing his story and why we must stand up to the communists trying to destroy our great nation.  His willingness to risk everything for his fellow man and country is something that very few people will do.

I have the personal honor of calling this fearless Patriot my friend and will proudly stand beside him in the fight for the future of America.

alfie oakes john di lemme

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