After speaking at the Broward Republican Liberty Caucus Event, Christie and I joined the group for a bite to eat at Duffy’s sports bar where we had a tremendous time getting to know our fellow Patriots.

I also had the biggest pretzel known to mankind…

john di lemme pretzel

On social media, I captioned the photo with “Making Pretzels Great Again! Eat at LOCAL Restaurants! Support Them and Tip Your Servers YUGELY!”

I went on to say that supporting local businesses, franchises, and entrepreneurs is how we combat communism. We must get away from ordering everything from liberal giants like Amazon despite the convenience that they offer.

Watch my presentation from the Broward Republican Liberty Caucus Event where I shared more about how to combat Communism in America and fight for the future of our nation…

The sound on the LIVE video is a little low so feel free to Listen to the presentation here…

We The People must stand together for America or our beautiful country will fall directly into the hands of the communists that are out to destroy it.

Join us LIVE at the *We The People Fight Back Event* on August 20 & 21, 2021 in Naples, Florida to be empowered to take a stand and educated on how to fight back (peacefully) against the radical left.

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john di lemme we the people fight back event