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The Downward Spiral of the NFL that is Dividing America

The National Football League was once thought to be as American as apple pie, but now it’s as anti-American as Joe Biden.

So, what happened?

Well, the downward spiral happened pretty quickly and started with the NFL glorifying players that disrespected the the very nation that gave them the opportunity to achieve monumental success in sports.

As Americans stood with their hands over their hearts while the sound of the National Anthem filled the stadium and the American flag beautifully waved on the field, NFL players took a knee and refused to honor the very symbol that thousands of men and women died to protect.

The League proudly lauded the players as “activists” and promoted the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter, that is responsible for racial division across the nation. The NFL takes it a step further and gives in to the demands of BLM to pay the Black Anthem before games.

This outraged fans of every race, because it clearly had nothing to do with black lives or equality and everything to do with promoting a Marxist group that hates everything that America stands for.

However, there’s a new twist…

The NFL recently released a video on television and online that embraces the LGBTQ+ community, stating that football is gay, lesbian, queer, transgender, beautiful, and other descriptors.

The NFL told Outsports [1] that its intention with the “Football is for everyone” video is to send a strong message of acceptance from the league to fans and players.

But this isn’t true. Football isn’t for EVERYONE.

The video conveniently leaves out Christian Conservatives and other people of faith that hold beliefs that are not in sync with what the NFL is openly promoting as the new normal for ALL of society.

So, the latest stunt by the NFL isn’t about “equality” for all. It’s simply another way to drive a wedge between Americans across the country.

Can’t we all just watch football?