I’m indebted to the book, What If America Were a Christian Nation Again?, written by my hero of the Christian Faith, the late Rev. D. James Kennedy, with Jerry Newcombe, published in 2003 by Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville, Tennessee, for some of the inspiration for this article, and I quote somewhat freely from it.

Most of the words are mine, some are from  Dr. Kennedy.  The original admonitions are from the One who made all things, including THE UNBORN CHILD in its mother’s womb, come to be, and is the One who looks at his created children, points His finger at them—at US—and says SHAME—SHAME ON YOU!  I cringe even as I write this, for how long will THE CREATOR withhold His justice from America?

The dictionaries define the word, “MURDER” as follows:

  • The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another;
  • The crime of unlawfully killing a person, especially with malice aforethought.

This article deals with the abomination and sin of the KILLING OF THE UNBORN—i.e. BABY MURDER—a.k.a. “ABORTION”, as its practitioners over the millennia have called it.  Today this evil PREMEDITATED KILLING is considered to be “lawful” by our courts.

But to God and those who fear and worship Him, is it NOT!  All Christians know, or should know, the Old Testament’s recounting of the fate of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Because the people of those towns (probably not ‘cities’ as we understand the term today) were so sinful, God instructed his Angels to destroy them.  And so they were.  I’ve long pondered the possibility that the same fate awaits us!

Fast forward to the U.S. in the first quarter of the 21st century.  The evil of abortion “on demand”, and at virtually any age of fetal development and for virtually any reason, is now the “law of the land”, and has been since 1973 (to our everlasting SHAME).

Approximately 60 MILLION unborn American babies, including some that were already born or almost born, have been MURDERED since then—butchered because evil men in judge’s black robes claimed to have “found” the “right” to kill one’s unborn child in our U.S. Constitution, a contention that is at once PATENTLY FALSE and INHERENTLY CRIMINAL in its application, despite the ‘pronouncement’ of its legality by the Extreme Court!


Those who haven’t researched the history of deliberate human “abortion” may consider this despicable act of the murder of the unborn as something of a recent phenomenon, but the killing of the unborn, or the just born, is as old as humanity.  The word “abortion” comes from the Latin, “abortio”, but it was a practice that was ancient when Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, were still nursing from their she-wolf mother.

Though the murder of the unborn isn’t an American invention, most of us might be shocked to learn just how common that illegal and deliberate abortions were all throughout our early history. Others  might assume that this evil practice has only been going on since 1973.  But as Marvin Olasky claims in his book, Abortion Rites: A Social History of Abortion In America (published in 1992 by Crossway Books)the truth is somewhere in between.” 

All Americans need to realize that abortion—the deliberate termination of an unborn human’s life ((as opposed to miscarriages or stillborn births) has been practiced for all of America’s history, when it was illegal.  As Mr. Olasky writes:  “The first known conviction for the ‘intention to abort’ was handed down in Maryland in 1652.  In 1656, also in Maryland, a woman was arrested for murder after procuring an abortion…. A 1710 Virginia law made it a capital crime to conceal a pregnancy and then be found with a dead baby.  Likewise, a 1719 Delaware law made anyone who counseled abortion or infanticide an accessory to murder.”


Now we must come to the most “controversial” aspect of a highly controversial subject—the woman’s “choice” to continue her pregnancy or to ‘terminate’ it.  Most Americans, on whatever side of this issue they fall, have heard that abortion is the “choice” of the pregnant woman, since it is “her body”, and she should have the right to decide on what is done with “her body”.

But let us please be HONEST when considering this controversy:  An unborn human being (an embryo, a fetus, or an unborn child) is NOT a part of the woman’s body, because the mother-to-be is only the INCUBATOR, or custodian, of the unborn child’s body until it is delivered into the world.

The unborn baby has its OWN body, and is developing that body inside of the woman’s womb.  So in that plain truth, the only “choices” a woman needs to make in this situation are, first, the CHOICE as to whether or not she will engage in sexual relations with a male, and second, the CHOICE to keep the child after it is born or to have it adopted by a loving family.  Those “choices” are the ONLY true choices that should be considered.  A woman who chooses to abort (MURDER) her unborn child ALWAYS HAS MADE THE WRONG CHOICE!

If you won’t believe me in my contentions, let me quote from Rev. D. James Kennedy’s book, What If American Were A Christian Nation Again?, mentioned at the beginning of this article:

“A woman doesn’t have the right to kill her body.  That is a crime. The most important thing to remember is the baby is not a part of the woman’s body.  Every single cell in the mother’s body has the same set of 46 chromosomes, exactly the same genes—except the baby, who has an entirely different set of chromosomes and genes. The baby makes (its) own placenta, (and) umbilical cord.  The baby also has (its) own blood supply, and in 50% of the cases, the baby is a different sex.
“The baby is not a part of a woman’s body.  However, the baby is dependent upon her.  Pro-abortionists say, ‘Well, as long as the baby is dependent upon the mother, she should have the right to kill it’.  May I remind you that a baby who is six hours or six months old is also totally dependent upon his or her mother.  Leave the baby alone for a couple of weeks, and he will be dead. Shall we kill babies because they are dependent upon their mothers?”

Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘abortion’ as: The termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus….  Obviously, the key word is “termination”, which is an ending of the existence of a living organism.  The next key word is “death”, which implies that the embryo or fetus or unborn child was ALIVE at some point.

The word “existence” implies a particular being (embryo, fetus, unborn child) that is sentient, or alive!  And what does “sentient” infer?  It infers that the (embryo, fetus, unborn child) responds to sensory inputs from its mother or even from outside of the womb; also that it is aware, and is sensitive to feelings, ESPECIALLY FEELINGS OF PAIN, as has now been conclusively proved.

Now I realize that my positions may be attacked as “insensitive”, or “unsympathetic”, or “hard nosed”, or—gasp, gasp—EXTREMIST, OR DOMINATED BY ‘FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN ‘BIGOTRY’.  Frankly, I don’t give one rip if you disagree with me!  So let me make my position crystal clear:

The deliberate abortion of an unborn child, in ANY stage of the pregnancy is, in actuality, the termination (or PREMEDITATED MURDER) of a human being!  What do we call it when a person is ‘terminated’ involuntarily?  It’s called murder, or legal execution in some cases.  And what do we call it when someone murders numbers of people?

We call it “serial killing”, don’t we?  And what do we call it when vast numbers (perhaps like 6 million Jews, or 60 million unborn children) are killed for evil, twisted, and POLITICAL agendas?  Isn’t that called genocide?  I believe it is.  Is that what we see being practiced here in our troubled nation today?  What else can it truly be?

I contend that the “genocidal murder” of 60 million or so unborn babies in the U.S. is a not-so-subtle campaign to decimate the population of America, per the dictates of the evil U.N. AGENDA 2030, particularly of our black population, wherein abortions are endemic and may be racially motivated.

If the epidemic of abortion is really “genocide”, then WHY are Americans in general, and Christians in particular, tolerating it?  For convenience?  Over financial pressures?  Due to family disintegration?  For population ‘pruning”?  In pursuance of secret government agendas?  Out of fear of ‘rocking the boat’?  Because of our “I don’t care” attitude”?

I’ll admit I’m only conjecturing.  But what I do know is that deliberate abortion, as has been long said, “stills a beating heart”!  

I also know with certainty that this act is an EVIL ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD, despite the bleating of bleeding-heart liberals and mouth-breathing know-nothings who accuse those of us who are PRO-LIFE of being cruel and lacking understanding of all of the pressures that “society” places on a woman, especially when she decides she doesn’t want to carry her baby to full term and prefers to murder it for her convenience!


Liberals and various “do-gooders” go into paroxysms of elation when they get a chance to accuse those of us who are pro-life of being heartless, of wanting to bring unwanted babies into the world, of never putting our money or actions where our mouths are, of ignoring the difficulties and expense of adoption, or never considering adopting a parentless infant ourselves, of being—hypocritical.

These are valid arguments that can be difficult to counter, but counter them we must, by both our words, our deeds, and our financial support of groups who care for the unwanted babies in  our midst.

Christians, especially, must lovingly accept the challenges from those who oppose us in our battle against the evils of baby murder, aka “abortion”, and do all we can to save the lives of the unborn in any and every legal and moral way possible, and provide for their sustenance in every way we can after they are born, if their parents refuse to care for them or are  unable to do so. We must realize that this is OUR moral responsibility and not that of any government agency.


Here is what Rev. D. James Kennedy has to say about this argument posited constantly by those who are pro-choice:

“One thing you ought to get very clear: All three of these situations…together make up less that 2% of all abortions. Yet they give rise to 98% of the rhetoric about abortion.  Fine, I say, let’s get rid of the 98% of abortions, and then we’ll talk about this 2%.  In the Bible, when somebody was raped, the rapist was put to death. 

Today…the guilty rapists frequently get their wrists slapped or get off scot-free while the only incontestably innocent person, the unborn baby , is killed.  Even if the woman had a part in it—which she didn’t in most cases—surely the baby did nothing wrong.  Yet the innocent party is killed and the (truly guilty offenders)…go free. “Less that 1% of all abortions are due to the threat of danger to the Mother’s life.  This situation is very different from an abortion, and therefore should not be part of the discussion.  In abortion, the abortionists  are trying to kill the baby.  Here, an attempt is made to save the life of the mother and the baby, if possible.”

From this essay on deliberate baby murder (abortion), it’s obvious that this evil—this “Jack-the-Ripper-like” scourge of needless deaths in our midst—has been a part of our history almost from the time we became a nation.

But please understand where I am coming from:  In my humble opinion there is NO reason to abort an unborn baby—NOT FOR INCEST, OR RAPE, OR CONVENIENCE, OR SHAME, OR FEAR, OR UNWILLINGNESS TO HAVE A PYSICALLY OR MENTALLY “CHALLENGED” CHILD—NOT EVEN TO SAVE THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER, for when is it ever right to murder an innocent life for whatever reason?

I realize my position will not be popular with some, nor is it accepted by all Americans, not even by all Christians (sadly).  Basically what it comes down to is that we must depend on our Heavenly Father to show us His Will for an unborn life.  To do otherwise is to become a murderer or an accessory to murder, and jeopardize our relations with our Creator and with our fellow men.


Originally posted on The Times Examiner on July 12, 2021: https://www.timesexaminer.com/w-h-lamb/8360-to-our-everlasting-shame