As mainstream media scrambles to try and convince you that we have entered the realm of the all powerful COVID19 is killing everyone, I have a statistic I want you to keep in mind.

As of the end of this week, Florida Department of Health has reported “0”/ZERO deaths attributed to COVID19 in Broward county.  In a county of nearly 2 million people not one person died this week from COVID19.

Yet, here we are, the crippling fear is making a comeback over zero deaths!   There have been reported deaths due to heart disease, drug overdose and cancer.  However, there has not been a major push to label these a public health crisis.

Think about this for one moment, if we focused on reducing the number of deaths by heart disease, we would simultaneously eliminate the major pre existing conditions which lead to poor COVID 19 hospitalizations and deaths.

Florida has been deemed the epicenter of the round two of covid outbreak despite the stats not backing up the claim. Once again, the virus is being politicized in a red state with a bold Governor that is refusing lockdowns and mask mandates.

Do your research and find the truth instead of allowing the government to dictate how you live your life especially when the fear-mongering information that officials are sharing is simply not based on facts.


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