New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that proof of vaccination will be required to participate in indoor activities including live performances, dining, and entertainment. The policy will go into effect on August 16, but inspections and enforcement won’t begin until September 13.

So if you want to go to NYC bars, restaurants, gyms, or even catch a show, then you better get shot up with the experimental drug (not a vaccine). But here’s the kicker…

You can’t walk down the street to get to these places because crime has skyrocketed in the Big Apple. Violent criminals roam the city attacking, stabbing, raping, beating, and even killing innocent American citizens, but they got the jab. How absurd is that!

New York City will create a new health pass called the “Key to NYC Pass,” which will show proof of vaccination for workers and customers at gyms, restaurants and entertainment venues, according to The New York Times.

It should be called “Key to Kill NYC Businesses.”  The communist De Blasio’s vaccine mandate will be the final nail in the casket for New York City businesses that are already barely surviving.

My Italian family traveled to America on a boat for two weeks in search of opportunity. They loved America! They loved New York!  But they would be ashamed of what the commies De Blasio and Cuomo have done to their beautiful state.

I was born and raised in Yonkers, New York, and my heart breaks for my fellow New Yorkers. My advice..

Get out while you can before they lockdown the state!

America is still the land of the FREE!  Don’t allow the communists to hold you captive.  Florida and other states with Conservative leadership are fighting for the future of our nation.  It’s up to We The People to take a stand against the radicals and refuse to comply with their unconstitutional demands.

Remember, you are an American citizen, and you are protected by the United States Constitution.  Know your rights and never allow your freedom to be taken away!


Once again, Florida is FREE…

No mask mandates!  No vaccine passports!  No covid guidelines that close businesses and lockdown residents!

That’s why you should be at our *We The People Fight Back Event* on August 20 & 21, 2021 in Naples, Florida…

You’ll be empowered by other Patriots and educated on how to fight back (peacefully) by *22* Conservative speakers on a variety of topics!

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The future of America is our responsibility…We The People Fight Back!

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