Dr. Elizabeth “Betsy” Eads joins John Di Lemme on the CBJ Real News Podcast Show to discuss the *10* Deadly Side Effects of the Covid Vaccine (Not a Vaccine).

This is exactly what the CDC and the Biden administration doesn’t want you to know about the so-called vaccine that is generating BILLIONS of dollars for big pharma, Fauci, and other investors.

Now, they want to give the jab to babies before the end of 2021.  This experimental shot is dangerous and these side effects prove it!

These *10* Deadly Side Effects of the Covid Vaccine include…

1. Death by anaphylaxis

2. Production of spike protein

3. Spike proteins cross the blood brain barrier

4. Blood clots

5. Heart inflammation

6. Miscarriages

7. Infertility

8. ADE – Antibody Dependent Enhancement

9. DNA Mutation

10. Neurologic Degeneration

Now, watch as Dr. Betsy and John discuss these *10* Deadly Vaccine Side Effects and expose the truth that the CDC doesn’t want you to know…

Listen to this powerful interview here…


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