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*5* Food Facts that Boost Your Oxygen to Fight COVID and Other Illnesses

Small health building steps will boost your immune system and give you the ability to destroy COVID19 and every other disease your body encounters.  It all starts with getting oxygen rich foods in the body.

That’s right, we know COVID19 infects the lungs and impacts your oxygen.  So, a huge preemptive strike is pack in the oxygen and load up on oxygen rich foods.

Certain foods help enhance oxygen levels in the blood. How is this possible and how do foods actually do that?  And you thought you only had to breath in oxygen.

Foods that enhance oxygen are rich in water or high in chlorophyll of other pigments that store water for plants. Yes! You can basically eat your oxygen!

Here are *5* Food Facts to Boost Your Oxygen…

Oxygen Food Fact #1: Load up on power-packed fruits that increase water and oxygen in the body such as lemon, watermelon, kiwi, blueberries, limes, grapes, ripe bananas, apples, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and dates.

Oxygen Food Fact #2: Pile high the oxygen rich veggies. Add these vegetables to your plate – spinach, sweet potato, avocado, celery, asparagus, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, zucchini, squash.

Oxygen Food Fact #3: The following spices and herbs add flavor and benefit your health greatly – turmeric, cayenne pepper, chicory, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, hibiscus, basil, oregano, cilantro.


Oxygen Food Fact #4: The following foods in excess will deplete oxygen and compromise your health in other ways. These foods are very acidic and reduce oxygen and promote mucous formation- cheese, red meat, soda, commercial sports drinks, energy drinks, and processed sugar including sugar filled foods.

Oxygen Food Fact #5: The Golden Rule of Health…DRINK WATER!  Want to promote oxygen in your body? Water must be your drink of choice. That does not mean coffee, tea and the occasional wine are off limits. it simply means you must drink, consistently, 64-90 ounces of water per day. It is super simple. Just one sip at a time!

You are in charge of your health and can fight covid and other illnesses by simply taking steps to improve your health.

Small, simple steps will produce great results.


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