The man who shot and killed unarmed vet Ashli Babbit just came out of the shadows and revealed himself.

He’s been in hiding for nearly 8 months now, like a coward. But he mustered up the strength to appear on NBC, where he wants you to know that he’s a hero who “saved many lives” by shooting an unarmed woman.


Michael Byrd is also the man who left his loaded Glock in a public bathroom at the Capitol when kids were touring the area.

Can you believe he wasn’t fired for that?

Well, not only was he not fired, he was promoted – that should tell you all you need to know about Keystone Capitol Police.


I couldn’t watch the interview, the thought of listening to that scumbag push the left’s propaganda was just too much for me.

But now, I am actually glad that he gave the interview, because esteemed lawyer Jonathan Turley was actually watching, and he found a big “legal screw up” by Mr. Byrd.

Here’s what Jonathan said:

“I have long expressed doubt over the Babbitt shooting, which directly contradicted standards on the use of lethal force by law enforcement. But what was breathtaking about Byrd’s interview was that he confirmed the worst suspicions about the shooting …”

“…Of all of the lines from Byrd, this one stands out: “I could not fully see her hands or what was in the backpack or what the intentions are.” So, Byrd admitted he did not see a weapon or an immediate threat from Babbitt beyond her trying to enter through the window…”

“…No other officers facing similar threats shot anyone in any other part of the Capitol, even those who were attacked by rioters armed with clubs or other objects. Under Byrd’s interpretation, hundreds of rioters could have been gunned down on Jan. 6.”

Game, set, match…

Hopefully, the lawyer who is representing the Babbitt family was also watching and he caught that, or if he didn’t catch it, hopefully, he reads this – because that nugget will help the family tremendously in their case against the government.

This piece was written by Missy Crane on September 5, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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