The liberals are bringing back segregation in America and dividing our country. This time it’s not about the color of your skin. Now, it’s whether or not you choose to be vaccinated that determines your ability to move freely without limitation in our society.

In states like New York, some restaurants are mandating that unvaccinated individuals sit in separate areas from the vaccinated, sometimes even outside.  Other businesses are asking to see proof of vaccine to enter their establishment.  Employers are threatening their employees with termination if they don’t get the vaccine.

One of mine and Christie’s great friends works in the healthcare field. She has been constantly harassed to get the vaccine (not an actual vaccine by the way) and made to feel like a leper, because she refuses to be a lab rat for the experimental drug that actually isn’t a vaccine.

But last week, her employer laid out their list of stipulations for the “non-vaccinated” employees…

First, she must watch a webinar on the vaccine, covid-19, etc. and complete a survey about what they learned during the webinar.

Then, she is mandated to meet with the physicians in her office one-on-one to explain her beliefs that qualified her for the exemption. Now, since when does an employer have the right to ask an employee about their religious beliefs? After all, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against its employees on the basis of their sincerely held religious beliefs. Plus she’s already qualified for the exemption.

To make matters worse, she is being forced to wear a special issued N95 mask at all times while her vaccinated work colleagues are mask free. I wonder if they’ll make her sit at a separate table during lunch, drink from another water fountain, or use a different bathroom from her peers? After all, she is being treated like she’s unclean simply because she made a choice NOT to receive the jab.

Last but not least, she must be tested for covid once per month. Is this until the end of time? I wonder if her fellow employees are being tested for STDs, the flu, meningitis, etc. We all know that they are not.  So, why is she being tested for a virus with a 99% survival rate that SHE’S ALREADY HAD???

It’s just another liberal method of control by our current government and the CDC. Not to mention, the vaccine is a billion dollar money maker for many radical leftists like Dr. Fauci and big pharma not to mention the hospitals, doctors, etc. that get paid to administer the experimental drug.

Americans are being coerced into getting the vaccine under the threat of losing their jobs. Americans cannot afford to lose their jobs!  If you find yourself in this position, don’t give in without a fight especially if you are a Christian and the vaccine violates your religious beliefs since all of the currently available COVID-19 vaccines used cell lines originating from aborted children in their manufacturing or testing.

CLICK HERE for sample exemption letters and information on free legal help from Liberty Counsel.  Don’t cower to the radicals and give into their demands without a fight. It’s your life, and they are not responsible for any type of harm that the vaccine may cause.