Head vaccine pusher Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Jake Tapper on Sunday and did something shocking, he actually admitted people who get infected with COVID and recover have a “considerable degree of immunity”.

In a rare moment of journalism for Tapper, he asked Fauci why Biden’s vaxx mandate, “has to apply to people that have had COVID? Given that they have some protection already?”

“Yeah, it is true, they do have protection.” Dr. Fauci responded.  “The one thing that we are not aware of yet, and hopefully we’ll get that data is what the durability of protection is and looking ahead, whether or not that type of protection that’s induced by natural infection, how that will be against the variety of variants as they arrive.”


“I’m not denying at all that people who get infected and recover have a considerable degree of immunity,” Fauci continued.  “We also know and I think we should not let this pass without saying it, that when you get infected and recover you get a good degree of immunity, but be when you get vaccinated, you dramatically increase that protection, which is something that’s really quite good.”

The mass vaxx push has drowned out the truth around natural immunity for those who have already recovered from the china virus. Recovered patients are 13 times less likely to be infected than those who have Pfizer jabs, a recent study out of Israel suggested.  The study looked at thousands of people who had either received the jab or were unvaxxed but previously infected.  The study found participants who were double jabbed were 5.96 times more likely to be infected and 7.13 times more likely to experience symptoms than those with natural immunity after recovery.

The real question is, why such a forceful push for the jab if natural immunity works so well?

This piece was written by Ray Dietrich on September 19, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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