Americans have the right to refuse to allow the liberal government and companies to mandate what we put in our bodies. We can’t allow their threats to intimidate us into giving them control over our healthcare and personal medical decisions.

Liberty Counsel is helping Americans stand up for themselves against medical tyranny. Here are some resources provided by Liberty Counsel that will assist you in standing up for your rights.

Follow the steps provided by Liberty Counsel below to protect your health, family, and freedom:

If your employer or school provides a form or asks questions that are designed to make you affirm something with which you disagree, you can respond with the below statement before your signature if in print, or, if verbal:

“I understand the above is your position. I am signing this document without waiver of my legal right to seek religious exemption and accommodation from any requirement that conflicts with my sincerely held religious beliefs, and without waiver of the right to seek legal redress from any wrongful denial of such exemption or accommodation.”

For more information on what to do if your request was denied, who to contact, where to seek help, etc, go to