John and I enjoy fruits and vegetables and always do our best to buy from local businesses instead of grocery chains.

Today, I visited Brothers Farmers Market in West Palm Beach, Florida. They always have a great selection of produce.

Brothers Farmers Market Masks

Unfortunately, when I opened the door to the market, I noticed their sign mandating masks for all customers and maintaining 6 foot separation.

Brothers Farmers Market Masks

Here’s some wisdom for business owners…

If you force radical left rules on your customers, then you will lose business.

Do your research on masks before demanding your customers wear something that puts their health at risk. Masks DO NOT save lives!

Now, this wisdom nugget is just for Brothers Farmers Market…

How about promoting the fresh foods in your store rather than a nasty, bacteria filled mask!

Yes, I know that as a private business owner, they have a right do decide how to operate their business. But I also have a right as customer to decide to shop somewhere else.

I still encourage everyone to buy local, but support businesses that believe in the freedoms that we cherish in our beautiful country.


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